Snider’s Grand Slam Explodes Twitter, Or Does It?

I think one of the great things about the way we use technology to follow sports is the ability to take a step back and observe the way the masses react to memorable moments. In the case of Travis Snider’s grand slam in the sixth inning of the Pirates’ 5-4 win against the Cubs on Tuesday, my observation is that there was smoke coming off my Twitter feed in the moments following the decisive strike.

First, my humble submission:

  …and James’ bold prediction:


This might be the exact moment Snider’s ball cleared the PNC Park wall.

snider grand slam twitter


I assumed Snider’s shot would have landed him on Twitter’s trending topics for Pittsburgh. That, however, was not the case.

snider trending

It is somewhat shocking it did not crack the list, but that’s also my fault for assuming something very broad judging from just my Twitter feed. Pittsburgh seems to be decently connected when it comes to the online audience of its sports fans and media (see: anytime the Penguins do anything) and if you’re like me and keep an eye on Twitter during games to see what other people are saying about what is happening in real time then you probably got to take part in or at least witness that moment when you refreshed your page and suddenly OMG TRAVIS SNIDER IS PRETTY COOL GUYS CANNON BALL COMIN’.

If you’re reading this and you do not follow games on Twitter, even just occasionally, then give it a try sometime. You might enjoy it.


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Lee Young

Congrats to James for his prescient twit.



For the love of God, can people stop saying ” Grand Salami? ” That’s got to be the stupidest saying. I’m not so sure about ” walk-off home run ” either.

Lee Young

never cared for ‘walk off’ but I have gotten used to it.

Hadn’t heard ‘Grand Salami’ for some time. It was big back in my ‘day’ (Aug 13, 1973). Surprised it is still being used.



I’m old school. Used to listen to Pirate games with my grandfather out in the yard at night. Bob King and Nellie Prince. Used to love hearing Bob saying, ” You can Kiss it Good-Bye!,” ” Bug on a Rug,” “Bloop and a Blast,” and ” Chicken on the Hill with Will!”


LOL, meant Bob Prince and Nellie King. Damn dyslexia.

David Cicotello

The Pirates aren’t relevant enough (yet) to “blow up” Twitter with an in-game event…20 years of losing and a disengaged audience (with or without social media) cannot be overcome easily or quickly…I’d be happy to be proven wrong.



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