Tony Sanchez Could be Joining the Pirates Soon

Tony Sanchez could be joining the Pirates soon.
Tony Sanchez could be joining the Pirates soon.

Russell Martin has missed the last few games with a sore neck, and could be a candidate to go on the disabled list. If that happens, the Pirates will need a catcher to replace Martin. Tony Sanchez could be that catcher, and according to Kristy Robinson he is already on his way to New York.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Martin will go on the disabled list, but it seems like it’s a strong possibility if Sanchez is going to New York. Sanchez is hitting for a .269/.380/.449 line in 78 at-bats in Indianapolis this year.

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Joe Sweetnich

Maybe the Pirates can get by with the 7-day DL and claim concussion with Martin.

Lee Young

sometimes I think the MLB NEEDs the 7 day DL like the minors.


In these days of concussion concerns in the NFL and NHL, it would not be hard to claim concussion-like symptoms on just about every injury, such as – Walker went into his slide and had his hand cut deeply requiring stitches, but the most concern is that he was also bumped in the head and experienced headaches overnight. And for that you get to use the 7 Day DL. Or, Martin was hit by a pitch and while trying to get out of the way he twisted his neck and experienced concussion-like migraine headaches afterward. Imagination.

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