Alex Presley Optioned to Triple-A, Duke Welker Recalled

Duke Welker has been called up to the majors. (Photo Credit: David Hague)
Duke Welker has been called up to the majors. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

The Pittsburgh Pirates have optioned outfielder Alex Presley to Triple-A and have recalled right-handed reliever Duke Welker, according to Travis Sawchik.

The move was probably made to give the bullpen an extra arm after last night’s extra innings game, and with rookie Brandon Cumpton on the mound today. Welker was called up earlier this year, but didn’t get in a game. In his last 11 innings he hasn’t given up an earned run and has an 8:3 K/BB ratio. On the season in Triple-A he has a 2.78 ERA in 35.2 innings, with a 34:20 K/BB ratio.

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Ron Loreski

Why are there so many Josh Harrison fans here? Can someone please tell me what he’s done to deserve a fan base? This guy can’t field, hit, or run. Remember getting picked off at 2nd in Detroit?

And if we’re trying to make this team better, let’s consider this. Instead of using guys like Inge and Harrison as the utility, how about getting a better 2ndbaseman and making Neil Walker the utility guy?

Face it, he cant hit leftys and he’ll never be more than a .270 hitter. I’m sure I’ll get crucified for saying “The Pittsburgh Kid” should be a bench player, but I’d rather see this team get better.

buc em all

But it does cut the cheese

joe g.

if Mercer continues to perform well, either Inge or Barmes will be gone by the trade deadline. And no I’m not saying some was going to trade for either one of those players. Just saying that at least one of them will be gone. Josh Harrison can play muliple positions and replace Inge. Barmes would be a. Defensive replacement at shortstop. so i see Inge being let go.


Barmes will stay, for late inning defense if nothing else. Inge has no real value


I agree about Inge not lasting season, don’t see any reason to not make the move now. If he had same average and had hit 3 homers I could see that he had some value for bringing some power off the bench. But 2 doubles in 87 at bats, 2 walks and being hit once doesn’t cut the mustard.

buc em all

This isn’t really on topic but do the pirates hate Ivan dejesus jr he’s played well in aaa ……..why not add him to the 40 n see if he can be a bench bat can’t be much worse then Inge


Ha, i just saw this! I just wrote the same thing. He can hit and he makes contact. we don’t have enough contact hitters on this team. It would be a big improvement when you just need someone to get a bat on a ball, like runner on 3rd and 1 out late in the game. You can’t have strikeouts!

Thom Kay

I really want to see Welker pitch this time. Would be great to know if he’s a good option or another Zagurski. I’m betting on him being pretty good.


This is a good lesson for mlb players ….suck up or make friends with your manager, then when you get too old to play he will get you one last contract ….doesn’t matter if he hurts his team most GMs are intimidated by mgrs. anyway.


to me it is a no brainer to drop Inge. He has shown no power or ability to get on base.

Pressley is better offensive player, the team needs offense.

Chuck Conner

the second ab for Barmas was a long one. But, he had about 4-5 fb’s right down the middle and he could not catch up. A lot of hitters would have made the pitcher pay. Bench has been hurting pirates for a few years. Just check out were they stand in batting percentage and rbi’s…..just saying


True! but Barmes usually just would have missed at 3 straight, so it’s an improvement, except for the fact that noone threw him an offspeed pitch. If i was in there and threw my curveball, he would have struck out. I wish i was joking


Are you talking about Barmes or McCutchen ?

Fred Langford

At least Harrison or d’Arnaud gives you some speed. Inge is an excellent fielder but what good does that do you when you need to make something happen late in a game?

IC Bob

I have a better idea, lets release Inge and keep Pressley. Somehow we have made this bench the worst in baseball with Inge and Barmes.


OMG, watching Inge and Barmes at the plate in an extra inning game last night was just one long, slow nightmare!


Sorry,Barmes 2 ABs last night ( 1 for 2 ) were much better than anything I have seen out of Walker this series. I realize he is ” The Pittsburgh Kid “,but come on,be fair.


At the risk of getting yelled at I thought Barmes looked ok at the plate last night. I remembered this because it surprised me. I shut the game off after Inge hit into the DP. I just couldn’t take it after that. Would bringing up Harrison over Inge make any sense? He can play 3B at somewhat RF right? And at the very least he’s got good speed.


I agree! He did look okay last night actually. I was surprised as well. No….Harrison is a AAAA player. He can’t hit here, his speed isn’t enough to steal bases here, and his defense is just average. He’s a tough guy, plays hard, but a younger version of Inge with way less power


he singled one at bat, 10 pitch battle that resulted in a deep fly out. Barmes didn’t look back at all. What really hurt was Presley being unable to bunt went Mercer got on 1st. Then Mercer getting picked off.


And Brandon Inge is still on the 25 man. 🙁


30 or so SOs in the last 2 games and you blame it on the 25th man on the roster ?????

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