Baseball America’s Latest Mock Draft Has Pirates Taking Meadows

The usual mock drafts at Baseball America have been run by Jim Callis, but they switched up the process for their latest mock draft released today. They had four of their draft experts take turns making the picks. Nathan Rode picked first, followed by Callis, Conor Glassey and John Manuel. As they note, this is a little different than a mock draft, as this one is based on who they would personally take in that spot.

Reese McGuire fell to tenth in the latest BA mock draft
Reese McGuire fell to tenth in the latest BA mock draft

Despite the new process, there doesn’t seem to be many surprises with the picks, with most players going where we have heard them recently. With the ninth overall pick, Rode took Austin Meadows. In doing so, he passed over Reese McGuire, who has been linked to the Pittsburgh Pirates numerous times. I think that is a case of him going with the best player available, banking on the upside of Meadows and the likelihood that he develops the power that was missing from his game this season.

Rode also notes that he would have taken Trey Ball over McGuire had he been available. In most mock drafts, Ball usually falls in the 10-14 range, but he was taken eighth in this mock draft.

With the 14th pick, John Manuel had the pick for the Pirates and he took Ryne Stanek. He mentions that he considered Stanek with the tenth overall pick, but went with McGuire instead. If HS shortstop JP Crawford was available at #14, he may have taken him over Stanek, but he went one pick earlier.

The two names we normally hear in this second spot, went 11th and 12th in this mock draft. They had DJ Peterson going 11th, followed immediately by Hunter Renfroe, then Crawford.

Going with best available at this spot, Stanek seems like a strong choice, though he also could have considered power-hitting first baseman Dominic Smith out of Serra HS in California. Smith has been in the 12-20 range all year, so he is a solid bat, with tons of power, who performed up to his standards this year, never moving more than a few spots up or down at any time. I mentioned last night that Stanek could be a strong choice at #14 if available and another recent mock draft also had the Pirates taking him there.

The draft is just three days away, with the first two rounds on Thursday night, followed by rounds 3-10 on Friday and 11-40 on Saturday.

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I am not a Ryne Stanek guy, I feel he projects more to the pen. I would look at McKinney or Bickford big time at that #14 spot. McKinney would be a better reach than the ND 3B. Instead of jumping on guys who are slotted there (that will be mediocre Renfroe, Peterson, Stanek) you have to take a gamble and look down the board a bit and pick up some high end talent. This goes against moneyball strategy but the Pirates have had for quite some time a strategy known as Bob Nutting’s wallet strategy (28M profit last year). Last year was a debacle and I don’t think they got one good prospect. I have basically only commented on HS guys I like bc outside of the horses at the top I don’t really like the college guys early part of the draft. This draft has QUALITY high schoolers early and that’s where you have to get them and then you can take college guys rounds 3-10 to pick up extra money to ensure you sign those HS guys that you take early. You don’t waste a first round pick on a reach college guy to be able to sign your other picks. These picks are protected for two years and if you can’t get them signed no big deal and re-evalute the talent next year

Lee Young

Last year a debacle?

Not sure myself or some baseball men would agree.


I would definitely take a top of the rotation type guy at #9 if you can get him. You can’t say that too often. Plus what’s the difference between an Eric Jagielo and say a Renfroe at #14 ? If you’re saving a couple bucks on taking Jagielo for example to send to Stewart I’d do it in a heartbeat. That said they’ll probably take McGuire and Renfroe and there’s no use in these questions.


Any word on Drew Ward? Possible second or third round pick for the pirates?


Completely agree with Rode here. I don’t see a world where Neal drafts based on position rather than BPA. Especially when I don’t see catcher as any must-solve need seeing as how we have 3 prospects there already.


I have always wondered. When people are doing Mock drafts, are they really trying to figure out what the team will actually do with the pick based on the circumstances, or are they picking whom THEY want to pick? I really don’t know what the parameters are there.


ESPN’s latest mock has the Pirates passing on Kohl Stewart. Not going to pretend that I’ve seen him pitch but why would he now last this long after being #4 on every mock I’ve seen in about the last month? Signability?

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