There haven't been many updates on Austin Meadows. - Image Credit: Getty Images
There haven’t been many updates on Austin Meadows. – Image Credit: Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Pirates officially signed Reese McGuire yesterday. That leaves them with four of their top ten round picks left to sign, including their first pick, Austin Meadows. Here are some updates on each player in the top ten rounds, as well as a few players outside of those rounds.

**There haven’t been many updates on Meadows. This article in the Clemson Insider talks to Meadows and talks about the waiting game and how he has until July 12th to sign. Outside of that, it doesn’t really say much about whether he will sign or not. I really don’t see Meadows going to Clemson.

**For those wondering who advises Meadows, it’s Excel Sports Management. Here is a list of their MLB clients.

**LSU was eliminated by UNC in the College World Series. That means JaCoby Jones can now sign. This article from Sports NOLA says that Jones is likely to sign. It also says that 32nd round pick Christian Ibarra is expected to return to LSU.

**On the College World Series front, Mississippi State has advanced, and will play their next game on June 21st. That means we won’t see sixth round pick Adam Frazier signing anytime soon. He should sign after the tournament, and will likely head to Jamestown to be their starting shortstop.

**I’ve heard that seventh round pick Buddy Borden is looking for over-slot. The slot price for the seventh round pick is $180,400.

**11th round pick Erich Weiss will be playing in the Cape Cod League this summer, where the Pirates will continue to scout him. Weiss hasn’t made a decision on signing.