Eighth Round: Pirates Draft Neil Kozikowski

2013 draftThe Pittsburgh Pirates drafted RHP Neil Kozikowski from Avon Old Farms School in the eighth round of the MLB draft. Kozikowski is a 6′ 4″, 180 pound RHP with a commitment to VCU. He throws his fastball 86-88 MPH, topping out at 90, and has touched 92 MPH with a tall, projectable frame and clean arm action. He has a changeup with late sink, and a solid slider.

Kozikowski wasn’t ranked by Baseball America in the top 500. He has a college commitment, but seems like a reach for the top ten rounds. It seems that the Pirates are saving money at this pick. If they do the same with the next two picks, they could spend around $500,000 after the 10th round on over-slot picks. If they also wanted to go up to 4.9% over their bonus pool they could spend close to $1 M in over-slot picks. We’ll have to see what happens with the next picks. UPDATE: Thinking about it more, Kozikowski has a good commitment, is a projectable arm, and has already touched 92. It seems less likely that he’d be under slot, and more likely that he’d require the full slot amount.

Here is a video of Kozikowski:

Here is Kozikowski’s player page.

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How many rounds are left today?


Have they drafted anyone they have to over slot with? If not, why are they trying to save for later rounds? Why not just draft the future over slot guys now?


I don’t think any over slot guys. I think only a few guys are at slot but with most below slot. I even think Meadows and McGuire can come in under slot, just because speculation is they will both sign. Not too much discount but maybe 500K combined. The logic to take the “risky” toolsy HS guys later is if you can’t come to terms with them then you lose that money from your draft pool. I’d like to see them take a run at Jones, Biggio, Garrett Williams, or any of those high potential HS guys on best available. Plus, I also believe they should spend the 4.99% over the pool so they can sign some of these guys they could draft tomorrow


your 5% over 8.8M draft pool is actually quite nice, $440K, plus the 100K for a guy picked so a bonus of 540K. I think they have saved enough money to do that with a couple HS guys or maybe save it all up for a Biggio or Jones


If that’s the route they go, who could the realistically target? Rowdy Tellez?


Love how the MLB network guys were totally stumped on who this guy is haha

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