Kiley McDaniel’s Last Mock Draft Has Smith and McGuire

On this last day before the draft, four different mock drafts have come out that have the Pittsburgh Pirates taking Reese McGuire. That is no surprise, he has been linked to the Pirates for awhile now. What is a bit of a surprise is the name we have heard twice now with the second pick, Dominic Smith. Kiley McDaniel from has the Pirates selecting both McGuire and Smith in his last mock draft.

D.J. Peterson is projected to go 11th overall to the Mets. Photo Credit: David Benyak
D.J. Peterson is projected to go 11th overall to the Mets. Photo Credit: David Benyak

Earlier in the day, Keith Law had the Pirates taking Smith with the #14 pick. The power-hitting High School first baseman from California, has always been mentioned in this area of the draft, falling in the 10-20 range all season. He hasn’t been mentioned with the Pirates until today though.

Smith offers the team a high upside option at first base. Someone who will at least put up a solid average, with above average power potential. He is also strong defensively at the position and has a plus arm. He has pitched this year and also played some outfield.

Just like in the Law draft from earlier, the Pirates won’t be able to pick two other names connected to them if everything goes down as predicted. Both D.J. Peterson and Hunter Renfroe will be off the board, going 11th and 13th respectively. Peterson is a first baseman who is an above average hitter with some power and who should also move through the system quick. Renfroe can also hit well and add power, while playing above average defense in right field. He is the more athletic player of the two, while Peterson would get the slight edge with the bat.

Both of those players would provide quicker help for the Pirates and more certainty, but Smith has the highest upside of the three.

Unless there are some surprises in store, the four names mentioned here are the players we will probably see picked. The other names to watch for are Georgia HS outfielders Clint Frazier and Austin Meadows. McDaniel has Frazier going seventh overall, while he has the Pirates passing on Meadows with their first pick. He would then be selected by the Blue Jays at #10 overall.

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I generally go with higher upside the better but wonder if that is really the case with where the Bucs are picking this year.

For example, it looks like they are going to take McGuire and he doesn’t appear to have as much upside as some of the other players available then.


I don’t really like the idea of taking two high school players in first round. Maybe that is way the draft breaks this year but it seems to me that a chance to get a more advanced player with one of the picks is prudent.

Lee Young

Littlefield spent his GM career taking ‘safe’ guys.

I love the fact that NH is willing to gamble on upside.

IC Bob

Littlefield spent his career taking signable bums. Thus he no longer has a career as a GM and I doubt he ever will. Safe players are not an issue if you take guys with upsides. Mike Minor was considered a safe player for the Braves a couple of years ago out of Vandy and he has a chance of being an all star. Nothing wrong with good pitchers who know how to pitch especially when you add that the Bucs have an inordinate amount of power arms in the system. Nothing wrong with a hitter who can fill a need in a year or two at a position that looks weak right now.


I’d rather go with 2 upside high school players than safer college guys. I think the Pirates system has some decent prospects to fill in for the next couple of years, especially in the outfield where so many of the college guys might fit. And maybe Curry or Dickerson could turn out OK for 1st base.

Mostly, I want the high upside guys whether high school or college.


The one thing I’ll say to this is that McDaniel worked for Law at ESPN very recently so it wouldn’t surprise me if their info is similar in this case. I’m also still of the opinion McGuire wouldn’t be a Huntington-esque pick.

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