Kiley McDaniel’s Third Mock Draft Has McGuire and Ball


Kiley McDaniel has the Pirates taking Reese McGuire with the 9th pick.
Kiley McDaniel has the Pirates taking Reese McGuire with the 9th pick.

Kiley McDaniel of released his third mock draft today, and has a pretty favorable result for the Pittsburgh Pirates. With the 9th pick in the draft, McDaniel has prep catcher Reese McGuire. With the 14th pick in the draft, McDaniel has prep left-hander Trey Ball. If the Pirates could get both prep players, that would be a pretty impressive first round.

McDaniel takes a different approach, listing at least four options for each pick, along with a “hoping for” section. He mentions that he’s tired of the standard mock draft form forcing him to pick one of several names he hears teams are interested in, so he gives choices in this one.

With the number nine pick, McDaniel lists D.J. Peterson as the second option, Trey Ball third, and Hunter Renfroe fourth. He also lists Dominic Smith as an other option. In the “hoping for” section he has Clint Frazier and Austin Meadows, who both went with the previous two picks.

With the number 14 pick, McDaniel had Hunter Renfroe, Alex Gonzalez, and Phil Bickford respectively as the 2-4 options. He also listed Tim Anderson and Austin Wilson as other options. In the “hoping for” section he has Peterson, Smith, and Ryne Stanek. All three went in the 11-13 range. Peterson has been the guy who has been most linked to the Pirates, although if Trey Ball and Peterson were both on the board, I’d have to go with Ball.

I kind of like this style of a mock draft better. It shows that Reese McGuire isn’t likely to fall to 14th overall, since the Blue Jays, Mariners, and Padres all have him in their “hoping for” list. It also shows that Trey Ball falling to 14 might not be out of the question, since there aren’t many teams prioritizing him ahead of the Pirates. He has Toronto with J.P. Crawford over Ball, and they’ll have Crawford available to them. The only other team that has Ball rated high is Kansas City, who has Austin Meadows ahead of him. If they take Ball, that means the Pirates would have Meadows or Frazier available to them, which might be better than McGuire.

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Susanne Klich Langford

I don’t have a problem with McGuire if you think he is a near can’t miss hitter but I don’t see the point of taking him because he can develop into a great all-around catcher. With McKenry under control for awhile, Tony Sanchez looking great at the plate, Wyatt mathiesen who was in McGuire’s spot as arguably the best prep catcher last draft, and Jin-De Jhang…I feel like we have plenty of young catching options to take us into the future. If you think he can be an elite hitter anywhere in a lineup then take him. If he is just going to be a good hitter for a catcher than I think you go for someone with more upside at #9 . We have issues at 3B in the system.


Michael McHenry is not a MLB quality starting catcher. He is a serviceable back up. Nothing more, nothing less. The defensive part of his game is average at best. With the Pirates system of winning with pitching and defense, they must have a starting catcher in the mold of Martin and Sanchez, not McHenry, to succeed.


McKenry isn’t even a serviceable back up. His arm (or lack there of) makes the rest of his defense suspect anyway. The Pirates just need to give Tony Sanchez a chance at this point.

On the topic of the draft, I don’t the point of drafting a position player that isn’t projected to be good offensively in the first round. McGuire isn’t that guy. Much better options than him at #9 .

Ian Rothermund

If he’s the best player available, you take him. Him being in the pros is at least 5 years away, so if they don’t need him then, trade him. Catchers, shortstops, center fielders, left handed pitchers, and guys with power will always bring more value than anything else. The draft is about acquiring the most valuable assets, period.

Lee Young

Ian…I am with you on that sentiment.

Besides…NOBODY is prescient enough to know who is gonna do well, even with all the scouting, etc.



SKL: Well stated, and McGuire hit .417 with 11 doubles and 3 HR’s this year in HS in only 72 AB’s. I also think that he will be a “hard” sign. Trey Ball, 6’6″ LHSP was 6-0, 0.76 ERA, 46IP, 23H, 93K/13W. I like that a lot at #9 . At #14 I prefer another LHSP, Ian Clarkin, 6’3″, 7-2, 1.07 ERA, 59IP, 33H, 105K/20W. Wild Card – Hunter Harvey, HS RHSP, has hit 97, 8-0, 0.38 ERA, 55IP, 23H, 116K/17W, his father Bryan pitched in the majors for 9 years.
One other thing, last year the Pirates had two picks in the Top 100 after losing Appel, Barrett Barnes in the Supplemental, and Wyatt Mathison at No. 69. This year they have #9 , #14 , #51 , and #87 . The Pirates have their share of Top picks, but they have quite a few contributors who were selected in Rounds 4 thru 16.


Who’s the best case/most likely scenario to unexpectedly fall to the Bucs at 9? I realize it won’t be Gray, Appel, Bryant, etc. but maybe a Shipley or Stewart? I feel like some team always gets lucky but a player “falling” to them if you will. Maybe we could benefit by a couple signable picks taken top 8.

Kevin Rhodes

Tim, if you haven’t seen this yet, you might want to check it out:

Lee Young

That’s a lotta mocks!


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