Luis Heredia is Leaving For West Virginia Tomorrow

Luis Heredia leaves for West Virginia tomorrow.
Luis Heredia leaves for West Virginia tomorrow.

Luis Heredia made his final start in extended Spring Training today against the Baltimore Orioles’ minor leaguers. Heredia went 4.2 innings, allowing two runs on five hits, with two walks and two strikeouts. The right-hander will fly to West Virginia tomorrow, where he will join the roster after the All-Star break. The post-break rotation hasn’t been set yet, so no word on when Heredia will throw. He won’t throw Thursday or Friday, since that is less than five days rest.

Heredia was throwing his fastball in the 89-91 MPH range today, and was mostly working fastball/changeup. He mixed in a few curveballs, as well as his new slurve. The slurve was added last year to try and get more strikeouts. He still throws his mid-70s curveball, but will be using the mid-80s slurve more as an out pitch. Heredia can sit 92-94 MPH with his fastball, and can touch upper 90s, but has been slowing it down to work on command.

He will be under an inning limit in West Virginia, similar to what he’s done in the past and what Tyler Glasnow is currently doing at the level. He will be capped each start at around 4-5 innings and 75 pitches due to his young arm. He will probably also work mostly off the fastball and changeup.

Joely Rodriguez and Orlando Castro were each promoted to Bradenton today, which will open up spots in the rotation for Heredia.

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Lee Young

When is he supposed to start adding some MPH to his FB?
89-91 isn’t gonna cut it, is it?

Lee Young



When he learns to repeat his delivery and command the pitch. I’m sure the velocity is there, but if he cant throw it for a strike, then what’s the point?


Here’s a dumb question? What is it about Heredia that has him ranked so high? I understand potential, but what is that high ceiling based on?


Tim, obviously scouts base a players ceiling on many factors, one being age. Does it cross anyone’s mind that some of these latin players have forged their birth certificates to appear younger in order to increase their stock? Say for instance if Heredia was really 20 or if Dilson was really 23, what would their stock or perception of them be like then?

Fred Langford

Heredia has had decent results as a 16 & 17 year old also…so he could be 4-5 years away from completely filling out. He might be 250 before all is said and done. I feel like he may not blow anyone away with his numbers this summer with him being reigned in with the fastball and working on the change. I think he actually did cost himself some official innings this year coming in out of shape…he threw 66 innings last year and it will be rough for him to reach that the rest of the way at WVa. I see him somewhere in between 50-60ip. But does it really matter? He still will have 2+ months to work on stuff and he still had camp all spring and will have fall instructionals. Work is work at that age…I’m sure the hammer has been dropped on him that he better come to camp in better shape next year. To me the ideal situation if he progresses and is in shape I would send him to extended spring again and send him to Bradenton early next May…He still probably won’t be ready for more than 100 or so innings next year.


As I understand it, pitchers who have real success at a very young age are sometimes very successful later in their careers.


Another young pitcher in the Pirate organization that will not be judged on stats for a awhile, because we won’t know what he is doing or could do from outing to outing.

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