Milwaukee-Brewers-Logo2According to ESPN “Outside the Lines”, Major League Baseball will seek to suspend Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, about 20 players in the next few weeks due to their connection with Biogenesis. Tony Bosch has agreed to cooperate with MLB, and will swear an affidavit that he provided drugs to players.

Accord to T.J. Quinn, MLB is seeking 100-game suspensions for Braun and Rodriguez.

The Pirates play nine more games against Milwaukee this year. If Braun is suspended for 100 games before the series at the end of June, he would miss all of those games.

No Pirates were named in the ESPN report linked above.

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  1. Ryan Braun caught up in the same negativity as AROD? I wonder how much of that “never get into the HOF” rant we will hear about him. He is one of our all-american heroes so it should be interesting. Arod? Will the Yankees seek to end their contractual relationship with him – I would.

  2. MLBPA will fight these charges, and yes, there will be suspensions, but neither A-Rod or Braun will serve 100 games.

  3. Not so fast. Was the affidavit handled properly? What if they didn’t mail it immediately and waited the weekend. What happens if the courier let it out of his/her sight for 30 seconds?

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