P3 Episode 11: Second Half Sleepers and When Can Tony Sanchez Help?

Pirates Prospects PodcastEpisode 11 of The Pirates Prospects Podcast can be downloaded or streamed below. This episode includes analysis from Tom Bragg (@TomBraggSports), James Santelli (@JamesSantelli) and myself (@timwilliamsP2) on the Pirates. Highlights of the show include:

**The show has new intro music! It’s ‘Let’s Get it Started’ by Oh No Not Stereo. Courtesy of BeatPick.com

**We talk about the expected decision to send Tony Sanchez down. When should Sanchez return to the majors? We explain the long-term benefit to keeping Michael McKenry up the rest of the year.

**How much did the multiple jaw injuries impact Tony Sanchez? Are his numbers this year a reflection of his true hitting abilities? Were the numbers the last two years a result of the loss in weight from his two broken jaws?

**In the second half of the show we each give our second half sleepers: guys who are currently on the roster who could provide a boost to the team in the second half.

**If you missed it earlier this week, be sure to check out the first episode of Pirates Roundtable. We talk about how the first show went.

**The trade market will heat up in July, and we discuss the needs a bit more. Right field is the glaring need, but the Pirates could get creative and upgrade first base, while shifting Garrett Jones to right field. That would allow Gaby Sanchez to move to third base and platoon with Pedro Alvarez, which would provide an upgrade at third. You’d still need a platoon option in right field, but this would give the Pirates more options if they wanted an everyday player.

**Off-topic discussions: What Dodgers do we hate? Which Pirates writers look like Arrested Development characters? We all want to see “World War Z” and “This is the End”.

Click here to download the show (right-click and “Save Link As”) or stream it below.


‘Let’s Get it Started’ by Oh No Not Stereo. Courtesy of BeatPick.com

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We better hope nothing happens to Russell Martin. If we have to depend on McKenry it will be a long second half. We will have visions of Rod Barajas dancing in our heads. I really think Sanchez should have got time behind the plate before he was sent back down. Hopefully we won’t need to find out.


hmmmm Xavier Nady is newly available …………………..


Hasn’t he improved against lefties the past two years? How will he ever improve if you don’t give him ABs against lefties?


“Hasn’t he improved against lefties the past two years?”

Nope. Well, five points. But mostly nope.

Alvarez’s OPS vs. lefties first two seasons: .620

Alvarez’s OPS vs. lefties last two seasons: 625


Can you stop with the platoon Pedro talk. All he’s done is carry the Pirates the last 60 games.

Mike Don

Any chance Sanchez gets work in RF?

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