Pirates Announce the Signing of Ten Draft Picks

The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced the signing of ten draft picks. The picks are as follows:

4th Round – Cody Dickson

9th Round – Chad Kuhl

12th Round – Beau Wallace

17th Round – Justin Topa

18th Round – Jeff Roy

19th Round – Brett McKinney

21st Round – Adam Landecker

23rd Round – Cameron Griffin

25th Round – Justin Maffei

27th Round – Michael Fransoso

We knew about all of these guys beforehand, but this makes it official. The only name we’ve heard that hasn’t been confirmed has been Danny Collins. 5th rounder Trae Arbet and 7th rounder Buddy Borden have been negotiating with the team. I’ve heard Borden is looking for over-slot, while the same could be true with Arbet.

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Laura Day

The fielding statistics for Michael Fransosa and Adam Frazier are almost too good to believe. Both have RF/9 well above 5. Any ideas how that will transition from college to the pros?

I look forward to seeing them develop in the pros.

Brian Bernard

Maybe so, but a lot of other clubs have signed their early picks to slot. What is it about the Bucs that players push the signing issue? Is the team must be aware of the signability when they make the picks.

Lee Young

More concerned about the top 3 , esp Maguire, who I thought was gonna sign right away and Meadows, about whom we’ve heard nothing.

Lee Young

Other number ones have, incl Gray.

But, you’re right…no real rush…YET!


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