Pirates Make Reid and Hughes Official, Option Presley, Irwin to 60-Day DL

Jared Hughes
Jared Hughes has been officially recalled. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

The Pittsburgh Pirates have officially called up Ryan Reid and Jared Hughes. To make room for the two pitchers on the roster they have placed Jeanmar Gomez on the 15-day DL (right forearm inflammation/strain) and have optioned Alex Presley to Triple-A.

The Pirates had to add Ryan Reid to the 40-man roster. To create a spot they had to re-instate Phil Irwin from the Triple-A disabled list, recall him to the majors, and place him on the 60-day DL. This means that Irwin will accrue major league salary and major league service time while on the disabled list.

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For awhile it looked like the Pirates had abandoned their tendency to hold onto aging veterans that couldn’t play. But now they have reverted by keeping McDonald and Zagurski, while younger better players languish in the minors, or are recalled, then sent down pretty much once a week.


Huntington has always held onto these veterans no one else wants – McDonald, Zagurski. Brandon Inge was below .200 in the minors, so they promoted him to the Pirates. He shows a whopping .211 BA and .237 Slg %. Expect Jerry Sands to be promoted at some point. Why? Because he is a scrapheap veteran picked up by NH. No other reason.

Matt Beam

well, not much has gone right for the Pirates since the 4th inning tonight, but how many more appearances does Zagurski get before enough is enough… only looks like you’d throw him in a blowout, we have LHP depth in the bullpen, and his control is horrendous which prevents him from having the length you need if you just need him to eat innings in a blowout

DFA him please


Presley has earned his shot, which is more than I can say for others on their roster. If they don’t like him, they should be fair and ship him to somewhere like Houston or Florida and stop burying him in AAA.


I like Presley but he had his opportunity last year and did very little with it. I would much rather see him be in AAA as outfield depth than playing for another team. How many options does Presley have left anyways?


Tim – since Irwin went on the DL while he was at Indy, does this mean that he is now on the MLB DL for at least another 60 days, starting now? Fairly expensive work-around – gonna cost them about $150-$200K more to have Irwin on the MLB DL, I believe.

Makes me increasingly worried/disturbed that they just can’t pull the most obvious trigger on the team – DFA John McDonald. With Mercer, Barmes and now d’Arnaud back, along with DeJesus in the wings, what possible place does this guy have on the MLB team? Is it just to save face at this point, so they don’t have to just cut him?

Gotta cut these kinds of “assets” loose if you wanna contend with the big boys, IMO.

joe g.

Maybe they are trying to help McDonald get thru his rehab before they cut the cord. This way if by some chance another teams wants him, he has a better shot at making a roster versus being on the shelf hurt. Just guessing. I have no idea.

IC Bob

Does Mcdonald have pictures on Huntington? No reason to not just release that guy. NO ONE will pick a 120 hitter with no range.


you cant just release a player who is on the DL.


Sure you can, you will have to pay him his full salary either way since MLB contracts are guaranteed.

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