Pirates to Sign 4th Round Pick Cody Dickson

Jim Callis of Baseball America reports that the Pittsburgh Pirates will sign fourth round pick Cody Dickson.

The $375 K is under the $429,200 slot price for the fourth round, leaving the Pirates with some extra money for a later round pick.

Dickson is a left-hander who throws 90-95 MPH with his fastball, but has had issues with control throughout college. He has a plus curveball and an average changeup which is still developing. I’ve seen mixed reports on the changeup, with some feeling it could eventually be a plus pitch. As I’ve written before, the Pirates do well in the lower levels developing changeups and improving fastball command. Those are the two big issues for Dickson, and if they can straighten that out, they could have a lefty who throws 90-95 with a plus curve and a good changeup, making him a potential middle of the rotation starter.

Dickson was our consensus favorite pick on day two of the draft.

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Lee Young

Maybe he’s gonna be Andy Oliver’s “replacement”.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Anyone they might be trying to save money for in the later rounds?


16th Rounder Billy Roth and 14th Rounder Nick Buckner. both are considered hard signs from what I have read and have big upside

Kevin Anstrom

40th round pick

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