John McDonald Traded to the Indians

Has John McDonald been traded to the Indians? Photo Credit: David Hague
Has John McDonald been traded to the Indians? Photo Credit: David Hague

Mike DiMauro, a sports columnist at The New London Day, says that John McDonald has been traded to the Cleveland Indians.

I’m not sure how a writer from a Connecticut outlet would hear about this first. At the same time, I’m not sure why a writer from a Connecticut paper would think to make up a John McDonald-to-Cleveland rumor, so I don’t have any reason to not trust the report. Plus, the Pirates will need to clear a spot on their 40-man roster for Gerrit Cole, and there’s no need for McDonald with Jordy Mercer doing so well in the majors and Chase d’Arnaud healthy in the minors. So it all adds up. I’ll update this with more if more information comes out on this rumor.

UPDATE 5:11 PM: As pointed out in the comments below, McDonald is from Connecticut. He’s actually from New London, which is where the paper is located. So it makes sense that they would have this before anyone in Pittsburgh or Cleveland.

UPDATE 7:51 PM: The Pirates have confirmed the move. The deal is for a player to be named later or cash considerations.

  • My guess is they found out from John since he lives in New London CT so they would know before most people. He is just basically going back home since he played for them for so long he will feel right at home. Also..if you go to and look John up they already show him as a Cleveland Indian. I wish him all the best..really good guy!

  • Let me get this straight. Cleveland is actually going to give us something for him? Maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to discard my clipped toenails.

    • a bucket of Rawlings, and some sunflower seeds would work. Actually, McDonald seems like a class act and probably brought something to the clubhouse; props are due.

  • Thank you Cleveland!!!!!!!!

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    June 10, 2013 9:33 pm

    I cannot imagine we will get much in return, but this is addition by subtraction in my honorable opinion. Did not understood why we picked him up to begin with….

  • So close to a million dollars especially if cash involved for a guy we cut tomorrow. That shouldn’t be overlooked with trade deadline in July allows us to take on more money if needed.

  • Sorry it now says or a ptbnl. Not that it matters. Tim I guestimated that saves us about 850, 000 is that about right?

  • Its official it is in the Cleveland plain dealer. For cash and a ptbnl

  • McDonald is neither in the starting lineup nor listed on the bench for Indianapolis tonight, a day after starting at 2B, so I am inclined to think this has in fact happened.

  • With the Bucco’s farm system showing much more value now than last year, what kind of players will be on the market at the trade deadline

  • Just throwing this out there: Jon Garland was released today. I know he hasn’t been awesome but I saw his FIP was bit unlucky and his ground ball rate hovers around 49%. Do you think he’d be worth a chance?

    • I would surely be giving Garland a workout to see what he might have left in the tank .

  • “I’m not sure how a writer from a Connecticut outlet would hear about this first.”

    John McDonald attended high school and Junior College in Connecticut, so maybe his “source” (or “Spy” as he says it, haha) is someone close to McDonald or his family, assuming he keeps close ties to the area.

    I’ve done some more sleuthing and found this nugget on DiMauro’s bio: “He and his wife, Karin, live in East Lyme with their cats Leo and Loretto. ”

    McDonald graduated from East Lyme High School in Connecticut.

    • That makes sense.

      I guess my point is that it’s strange that you wouldn’t hear about this from Cleveland or Pittsburgh first.

      • Oh, certainly. Just seems that DiMauro might have a connection that goes straight to the horse’s mouth.

        Plus, maybe the Pittsburgh media is busy trying to forget OldMac and the Cleveland media doesn’t want to get to know him, haha

      • McDonald gone. Party at my place!

        – Fred L. In case anyone wonders why I have to say Fred L. it is because I am too lazy to sign my wife off and sign myself onto facebook. I am also pretty sure no one wondered.

        • You’ve inspired me to do the same thing – JoeF

          Also, anything in return for JM will make NH a savvy smooth operator. The guy should have been DFA’d the day he was accidentally signed. NH and his crazy Cleveland collection is always fun times. I know he worked there but to dote and prod over a roster and system that is mediocre at best is beyond insane.

          • Joe: Remember Jeanmar Gomez? Cleveland has some young talent that has been buried by overpriced veteran players brought in at a high price. They are now officially in free fall.

  • Well this may answer the question I have been asking for two days now. Who goes off the roster to make room for Cole, I was thinking maybe J Mac might go on 60day but have been hoping they would release John Mac. So if this is the case that makes room on the 40 man for Cole now who comes off the 25 man. And of course what happens if Morton comes off 60day to replace Wandy then who comes off 40 man.

  • I bet this is already being labeled as a salary dump on certain blogs!