Second-Round Pick Blake Taylor Signs Under Slot

The Pirates signed second-round pick Blake Taylor with a bonus of $750,000, about $315,000 below slot value for the 51st overall selection in the MLB Draft, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America.

The Pirates save some of their slot money ($1,065,400 was the slot value for the pick) just as they did with signing fourth-rounder Cody Dickson below slot. Since they can go 4.9% over the draft pool without losing future draft picks, the Pirates currently have the ability to spend $701,345 on more over-slot picks.

From WTM’s player profile: “Taylor is a projectable prep left-hander whose performance has been inconsistent so far but who has very good potential.  He currently throws 89-91 with good movement, and has reached 94 in the past… One interesting factor with him is that he’s unusually young; he won’t turn 18 until over two months after the draft.”

The Draft Pick Signing Tracker has been updated with the bonus information. The Pirates have signed 15 of their 40 draft picks.

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Susanne Klich Langford

Split the slot and what Frazier got and get Meadows in for 3.4 mil. I think we will lock Meadows and McGuire up by the end of this week.


I wonder if Meadows is trying to get what Frazier did? ($3.5 million)


His slot is $3.3 mil and we now have $700K built up for over slot needs. He could very well get that same number as Frazier. There is not a nickel’s worth of difference in the two of them, and Meadows with his LH bat and power potential works a lot better for the Pirates, IMO.


Any idea which guys from the draft could command/deserve some of that available overslot pool?

I suppose Jacoby Jones could command some of it since he could probably improve his stock by returning for his senior year and putting up good numbers. But I dunno.


JaCoby Jones is an accomplished defensive middle infielder with an OF build – 6’3″ 210, but I doubt he will pass on this opportunity. I think he was the best prospect coming out of HS in Mississippi, and he has learned how to be just an average ballplayer at LSU. He was hitting .188 earlier this year and has managed to run that up to .299, He’s a .980’s defensive player with great speed.


good for Bucs to have extra money for other players.

Wonder why Taylor was willing to go so low? I can see him signing under slot but would have thought he would have wanted to be closer the million dollar amount. Especially since he had leverage of going to college.

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