2013 15th Round Pick Max Rossiter Retires After One Game

2013 draftThe Pirates drafted Max Rossiter last year in the 32nd round, but he decided not to sign and went back to Arizona State for his senior year. They took him again this year in the 15th round, and this time they signed him. Rossiter went to Jamestown, where he went 1-for-3 with a walk and two RBIs in his debut on June 19th.

That was his only game as a pro. He’s currently listed on the Voluntarily Retired List. From what I’ve been told, he left the team unexpectedly after the opening series. This is similar to what happened a few years ago with Brian Sharp. Sharp was a 24th round pick in the 2011 draft, and played in 19 games for State College before retiring. Rossiter retiring after one game and one series probably sets some kind of record.

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I’ll bet he saw that he wasn’t in the pirates prospects updated top 20 prospects and decided “screw this!”


Excuse me, but have any of you been to Jamestown?


He probably has girlfriend problems. That what it is to be in love…


Hopefully we’ll be getting some more details on this later, but it surely sounds very strange. Getting drafted, sorting out a deal and then retiring after just one game ?
Has he fallen out with the manager or teammates ?
Has he decided he doesn’t want to become a professional baseball player?
Has he become disillusioned with seeing the competion from strong catchers all through the system at Pittsburgh ?
This is really weird. I sure hope it was just some sort of personal/family issues he had to attend to and he’ll be back someday.


Well Tim, if it is #2 , why go through the hassle of getting yourself drafted, negotiating a deal and even starting a game before deciding baseball is not really what you wanna do ?

Shouldn’t these guys (especially if they are a bit more mature after a few years in college) be able to make up their minds in advance before deciding to sign a professional conract ?

Jeff Sneden

Does he get to keep any of the bonus money he signed for? If so, good for him. I don’t see why more College students with career opportunities that pay them more than minimum wage wouldn’t do this. Get drafted, get a little bonus and then go pursue some other interest.


I guess you condone lying, stealing and cheating.
I’m glad you’re not handling my retirement account.
damn, come to think about it … maybe you are!


Lifetime .333 hitter with a .833 OPS. Seriously, a mild bummer as low minors C’s are always needed.

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