Baseball America Names Pirates as One of Five Organizations on a Roll

Gregory Polanco will lead the next wave of prospects to arrive in Pittsburgh.
Gregory Polanco will lead the next wave of prospects to arrive in Pittsburgh.

Baseball America has been releasing their mid-season updates, and has an article today listing five organizations on a roll, and five that have struggled. The Pittsburgh Pirates are listed as one of the five organizations on a roll. The highlights from the recap:

**The patient approach with Gerrit Cole has paid off, as he added life to his fastball in time to make an immediate impact when he arrived.

**The next wave of prospects will be led by Gregory Polanco. I’m surprised they didn’t list Taillon, although I’m not sure that statement means Polanco is ahead of Taillon, since they had Taillon ahead of Polanco in their mid-season top 50.

**Also mentioned in the next wave were the step-by-step improvement of Dilson Herrera, Alen Hanson, and Josh Bell, the steady climb of Jameson Taillon, the rapid development of Tyler Glasnow, the surprise power of Stetson Allie, and the return to form of Tony Sanchez.

**Nick Kingham and Luis Heredia weren’t mentioned in the paragraph. I guess there are too many prospects to remember.

**The final note was that the future and present looks brighter than at any point since Barry Bonds left town.

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NH has done a good job with what he has to work with. People need to see what he has done to the organization instead of being biased. They guy really has turned the ship around and brought back the glory of baseball to Pittsburgh. I seen my favorites go and was hurt by the moves. But as a loyalist to being a fan of the pirates, I believe in what they are doing (after a few years of doubt). It is about time to realize how important NH has been

Lee Young

Maybe NH DOES know what he is doing?


Nope. His ass is out the door if they don’t win the World Series this year! 🙂

Jeremy J Stein

Hehe, 20 years of losing can only be erased from memory by 5 world series titles in a row.

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