Brandon Cumpton has been named the starter for game two of today’s double header. Earlier today David Todd of ESPN 970 first reported today that he was hearing Cumpton would be joining the Pirates.

This isn’t a surprise, since the options were Cumpton or Stolmy Pimentel. Cumpton has a few major league starts under his belt, while Pimentel has just eight starts in Triple-A. Personally I would have wanted to see Pimentel, but that’s more for the novelty of seeing what he could do with a major league start. I don’t think Pimentel offers any sort of guarantee over Cumpton in the short-term, although I think he’s better in the long-term.

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  1. Just insinuating here but I imagine Hurdle wanted Gomez then when NH said he isn’t stretched out he wanted Cumpton, not Pimentel. Hurdle refused to start McPherson last August when NH called him up. Instead he chose Correia who pitched 2 innings the previous day. Hurdle does not like unproven guys AT ALL.

  2. Yeah, I had the same response – wanted to see Stolmy just to see what happened. Probably that’s why I’m not a major league manager. Cumpton has done alright – let’s hope for a sweep today!

  3. Hurdle does it the secretive way so when it blows up in his face he can lie out his ass about why things went wrong.

    • Gomez is not stretched out to start and you don’t want to have to go with a bullpen type game right now with no off days for a while.

      This was a terribly kept secret, not sure why they bothered, it was obvious last week that Cump-dog lined up for the start.

      • I would prefer Jeanmar, but I guess Cumpton makes sense. If he has trouble early you can bring Jeanmar in. In Cumpton’s last ML start he looked good for 4 innings. The 2nd time through the lineup they started hitting him. Have Jeanmar ready for an early bullpen call.

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