First Pitch: The Short and Long Term Impact of Wandy Rodriguez’s Injury

Wandy Rodriguez will be out for three more weeks.  Photo Credit: David Hague
Wandy Rodriguez will be out for three more weeks. Photo Credit: David Hague

Wandy Rodriguez has received a few setbacks in the past week. He had some tightness in his forearm, and was shut down. Today he received Platelet Rich Plasma injections, which will put him out for three weeks. Even when he starts back up, you’re looking at a few weeks of rehab starts, which means the Pirates might not see him until the middle of August. I wanted to take a look at the short-term and long-term impacts that these setbacks will bring.

The Short-Term: Do the Pirates Need to Trade For a Pitcher?

Pitching hasn’t been a problem this year. The only problem involving pitching has been that the Pirates have seen too many injuries. So far they’ve been able to manage those injuries thanks to a lot of depth. That depth could be running low, and the rotation isn’t in a favorable situation with both A.J. Burnett and Wandy Rodriguez out.

At this point, Burnett looks to return before Rodriguez, and before the trade deadline. A rotation with Burnett looks pretty good. The Pirates would add Burnett to a group that includes Francisco Liriano, Jeff Locke, Gerrit Cole, and Charlie Morton. All of those guys are performing well this year, with the last two guys having limited playing time. The problem would be a lack of depth. As we’ve seen in the first half of the season, you’re not going to make it with just five starters. Jeanmar Gomez could be an option, but he’s not going to be stretched out if you send him to the bullpen. Brandon Cumpton is also an option in Triple-A. Then there’s guys like Kris Johnson and Andy Oliver, but those are more emergency options.

Without Rodriguez, the depth in the second half doesn’t look as good as the depth in the first half. That’s probably because three of the depth options in the first half (Liriano, Morton, and Cole) are now in the rotation full-time. That could impact the need for the Pirates to trade for a starting pitcher. The need for a starter wouldn’t be as big as the need for a right fielder, but it would still exist. How the Pirates fill that role would depend on when Rodriguez returned. If he was set to return in early August, there would be no need to trade for a starter, since he would essentially be the trade deadline addition (again). If he was out for longer than that, then you might want to consider a move, as you can’t just rely on five starters.

The Long-Term: Will Wandy Rodriguez Return Next Year?

Wandy Rodriguez has a $13 M option for the 2014 season, which became a player option when he was traded last year. If Rodriguez decides to stay, he earns $13 M next year. If he decides to go, he gets a $2.5 M buyout and is eligible for free agency.

Back in May I wrote about how the situation is win-win for the Pirates, and would probably land the Pirates a draft pick if Rodriguez continued pitching the way he had been pitching this year. With the injury, it seems less likely that he’d turn down $13 M, mostly because it would be less likely that he’d get a big deal coming off an injury.

It’s still a win-win situation. The Astros would be on the hook for $5.5 M next year, meaning the Pirates would be getting Rodriguez at a discounted price of $7.5 M if he returned. If Rodriguez decided to test the market, the Pirates would be in a good position to get a compensation pick. They’d have to make him a qualifying offer, but if it reached that point, he would have already turned down that amount for one year. However, the injury will probably make it less likely that he gets a Kyle Lohse type 3 year/$30 M deal. At this point the most likely scenario seems to be Rodriguez returning on the player option, with the Pirates only being responsible for $7.5 M of that total.

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I think the “stretched out” for pitchers is overrated by the Pirates. Mazzaro was a starter, he had no problem pitching 5 innings, that is only one inning short of most of their starters and he could have gone another inning, something all too many times their starters struggle to do. Gomez was a starter, the Pirates are smart, they take starters and convert them, but they still have starter arms and heads, they still know how to pace themselves if the situation requires it.


I should have said it depends on the pitcher, Mazzaro and Gomez are starting pitchers by trade. I am saying if Mazzaro went on a five day plan after that game, he could pitch another 5 or 6 innings in five days, maybe not 7-9, but 5 or 6, for sure. How it affects the bullpen is not the issue I am talking about, “stretched out” is the issue.


True, but Sunday gave them the chance to start the process of converting him back to being a starter. I’d only take the next step if Cumpton struggles tonight. But we seem to have more relief options in AAA than starter options and Mazzaro is the most logical choice from the current pen.

On the other hand, I’d kind of hate to mess with the Mazzaro, Morris, Watson, and Wilson quartet that has been so successful.

IC Bob

what is not discussed here is if the injury to Wandy is worse then expected then the Bucs are on the hock for 7.5 million for a guy who probably would never pitch again for them. At this point their is no win win situation it looks like a definite win lose situation right now with the Bucs really losing big if his injury is as bad as it now appears. As for needing more depth I would wait until we absolutely need to make a move. Trades in August happen all the time. As long as we are willing to take on some salary late we can get a a good pitcher through waivers. No need to bring in a starter who rots in the bullpen and becomes a malcontent.


I don’t think this is a ligament issue. If it was it would not benefit anyone to try avoid surgery for all the reasons you stated. If he had Tommy John he could get back in the middle of next season to establish some value for his next contract negotiations. The Bucs could at least have some reasonable expectation that he might contribute the latter half of 2014. So I don’t think the PRP injections are a hail mary to avoid Tommy John surgery. I think it is tendonitis and the PRP will help resolve it quicker.


For additional pitching help, I’d like the Pirates to rely on the minor leaguers as much as possible. Mazzaro’s 5-inning relief stint on Sunday might make him a candidate as well. My top potential minor league help include Cumpton, Taillon, and Pimentel. (Yes, I know Taillon is widely perceived as not ready, but I think he could be surprisingly effective even at this point.) Risky, but no more risky than relying on a marginal pitcher acquired at the deadline. Our biggest need is RF; I’d love that to be Stanton, but if it is going to take Taillon and Tony Sanchez as well as other top-rated prospects, I’d go with someone else.

Ronald Heberle

One other name to throw in the mix. Might be an emergency starter but, I would add Stolmy Pimentel to that mix as well. He is on the 40 man and out of options after this year. So for one start to see what you have he is available too.

Ron Loreski

How is Pimentel out of options when he hasn’t accumulated any service time yet?

Ron Loreski

I don’t understand why you’re calling Francisco Liriano a depth option. He was never signed for depth.

Ronald Heberle

Well, I am not sure they do need someone, They have Charlie Morton back and he was missing the first two months. I guess with McDonald being shut down at this point and Wandy its a bigger issue. I have two questions though. What is the deal with McPherson and Irwin, i haven’t heard in a while. Not sure Irwin will be back at all this year, but what about McPherson. Also what is the latest status on Karstens, will he be back this year or no. If he is able to Return when healthy he is as good if not better then all the trade options.


Mc Pherson is unlikely to pitch the rest of the year and would certainly not be ready for the majors at any point this season. With McDonald, Karstens and Wandy all questionable at this point, it may become necessary to grab a SP, though not at this point.


Regarding the Pirates’ need for a starter, to what extent should we be considering how the Cards and Reds will be upgrading their rosters at the end of this month? If the Cardinals get Carpenter back and if the Reds add another starter so that Cingrani can go back to the pen, do the Pirates need to think about countering such moves? Or should the Pirates make their personnel decisions without regard to their main competitors?


Agree 100%.

Mike C.

Can you elaborate what it means to be “Stretched Out” since it’s mentioned here often how it would be impossible for Gomez to transition from the BP to a SP role in a short time.
How and why is this so important, and how much time does a pitcher need to be Stretched Out? is 5 days not enough?

a Starting Pitcher seems the least of our needs compared to a righty bat for RF and to a lesser extent 1B/3B. our #1#4 seem good enough. I’d take Morton at #5 compared to most #5 s on other teams.

Jeremy J Stein

I’m actually confused too. So Gomez can’t be the long relief/ swing man / spot starter?
So if he isn’t the long relief spot starter, who is? Jeff Karstens? Brad Lincoln? Tim Wakefield?

Jeremy J Stein

Most of his starts have been 4 to 5 innings. The lone exception was the 7 innings against Detroit. In theory if he were to become a 1-2 inning reliever for say a month, they could always have him throw an innings worth extra in the Pen so he’s getting 3 innings, then if needed for a spot start he could go 4 or 5.
In the end I think you’re right Tim and adding another Starting pitcher at the Trade deadline might be a good move (without giving up any top prospects). Just a back of the rotation guy able to eat up some innings.
Starting depth will be a key to second half success.


Another thing to consider is that the Pirate starters are probably averaging close to 6 innings per start. With 7 BP guys including an 8th inning specialist and a Closer, how many innings are left?.


Mike: Bullpen pitchers are used for 1, 2, or 3 innings at the most. Their arms get used to throwing only about 15-30 pitches an outing, and then recuperate faster to be ready in a day or two for another relief stint. Therefore, to get their arms ready to be a SP and go at least 5 innings, they have to be “stretched out”, meaning you increase the number of innings and pitches thrown each outing so that over 2-3 weeks you can take them from 2 innings to 5 or 6 innings, and you have to be very careful that you are not stressing the arm.

Nate Rose

I feel like the Pirates do now need to trade for a pitcher, but that said, it doesn’t have to be someone that will slot into the rotation to take Wandy’s place. They could make a minor deal for some more depth options at AAA that they’d be more confident going forward with than Andy Oliver or Kris Johnson.

Dave Bush is hanging out in the Blue Jays organization and is a reasonable depth option. May also be able to get Carlos Carrasco from Cleveland, Jair Jurrjens from Baltimore, Omar Poveda from the Braves, Andrew Albers from the Twins…hell, might even get Ross Ohlendorf back to Pittsburgh from the Nationals. None of those players are exciting, but they’re competent options to stick in AAA in case we need them.

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