Keith Law Ranks Three Pirates in His Mid-Season Top 50 Prospects

Keith Law says Alen Hanson could be an above-average regular at shortstop.
Keith Law says Alen Hanson could be an above-average regular at shortstop.

Keith Law released his mid-season top 50 prospects list today, and has three Pittsburgh Pirates on the list. Law has Jameson Taillon, Gregory Polanco, and Alen Hanson as top 50 guys, which has been about the same as every other list we’ve seen.

Taillon comes in at number 13, up from his pre-season ranking of 20. Law notes that Taillon can be too easy to hit due to lack of life on his fastball.

Polanco was ranked 17th, up from his pre-season ranking of 55. Law says that Polanco’s swing and advanced plate discipline make him a high probability hitter.

Alen Hanson was rated 36th, which is two spots down from his number 34 rating before the season. Law says if Hanson hits like he did in May/June, and proves he can stay at shortstop, he is a potential above-average regular for a team that needs a long-term answer at short.

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We see so many top 20, top 30, etc lists of top prospects, how about a different kind of list?

Based on performance to date this season, coupled with expectations coming into the season, who would you rate as the top 5 biggest disappointments in the Pirates farm system?

Candidates for my list, although I did not attempt to put them in a precise order would include:

– Will Garcia
– Eric Wood
– Clayton Holmes
– Jarek Cunningham
– Jose Osuna

Lee Young

I know JT’s ceiling is higher, but as of now, I have them ranked Kingham, Glasnow and JT. JT has no life on his FB? Where have we heard that before.? He’s too hittable. Where have we heard that before?
Glasnow is doing what JT DIDN’T do at his level….dominate! Kingham just looks like a pitcher. He’ll never be an ace but he has two plus pitches which makes his future look bright.




I think you’re reading way too much into one bad start by Taillon. That one outing jacked up his ERA by more than 3/4 of a run. Also, Glasnow’s numbers are very impressive, but he’s putting those up in Pennsyltucky and has lots to work on himself. Next year, he very well may become the RH version of Andy Oliver. Taillon’s not perfect (no pitching prospect is) but to put him behind the other two is too much.

Lee Young

“Much like his fellow Pirate Gerrit Cole, Taillon throws gas that’s too easy to hit given its velocity, due to a lack of life on the pitch”


Jeremy J Stein

I wonder if Glasnow and Kingham will eventually be in the top 50 before they (If? heh) they make it to the show.


In Law’s top 50 you mean? Because Glasnow was in BA’s Top 50. As for Kingham, I think he could but he doesn’t (at least what I have read) have ace upside like Glasnow. Regardless, even if Kingham falls in the 51-100 range, I’m happy.


I think Glasnow just missed BA’s midseaon top 50, and was named on a short list of prospects to watch (or some such thing) of guys that could climb into the next top 50.

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