Minor Moves: Pirates Acquire Brian Bocock From Nationals

The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired infielder Brian Bocock from the Washington Nationals. Bocock is the player to be named later from the Brian Jeroloman trade earlier this year.

Ivan De Jesus has also been placed on the temporary inactive list (bereavement) and Oscar Tejeda has been promoted from Altoona to Indianapolis.

Bocock is an organizational guy. He has had 44 at-bats in Triple-A this year for Washington, with a .495 OPS. He spent time briefly with the Indians in 2011, serving a similar depth role. You have to wonder if there’s another shoe to drop here. Indianapolis is short-handed in the middle infield with Josh Harrison in the majors and Ivan De Jesus on the inactive list. However, they could have filled that short-term problem by just calling up Tejeda. Harrison will be back in a week or two once Neil Walker returns from the disabled list, and De Jesus could be back earlier.

Adding a guy from the outside speaks more to a long-term solution. The only way I see the Pirates needing a long-term solution would be if they released Brandon Inge, at which point Harrison’s stay in the majors would be longer than a week or two. I don’t know if that is what they are planning on doing, but it wouldn’t surprise me with Inge’s recent performance. And the process of actually adding a guy from the outside suggests more of a long-term solution for Triple-A, rather than a short-term solution. I could be wrong though. They could be thinking way ahead to September when they will probably call up guys like Harrison and d’Arnaud, leaving Indianapolis depleted for the playoffs. I think a lot of Pirates fans would hope that my speculation is correct.

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Nathan Swartz

What would it take to land:
1. Alex Rios
2. Alexei Ramirez
3. Both

I’m tired of Walker getting hurt. Have Mercer play either SS or 2B and go after either Ramirez or Beckham.

Are any of the trades doable without anyone above or including Glasnow and Kingham?

Lee Young

Why would we want them?

Alexei Ramirez is 31 and has an OPS of .656 (Jordy, even tho slumping is at .719).

Even after last night’s 6 for 6, Rios, who is 32 has a bad contract.

There’s a reason Jim Bowden is an EX-GM. lol


Jeremy J Stein

I would think of Ramirez and Rios as updgrades over Inge and Snider. In that case I would definetly trade for them. The thing is, I wouldn’t give up top 10 prospects to get them, which is probably what the Sox would want (which IMO is too much).
I’d be willing to trade 3 or 4 of the following players, Lambo, Welker, Pimentel, Dodson, De Jesus, Barnes and perhaps one or two of Snider, Barmes and Inge.
Realistically, the Sox would probably want Polanco or Taillon which would mean such a trade should/would never happen.

Nathan Swartz

I’m open to other options.
Such as…?


Lee Young

I wouldn’t give up any of our Top 10 guys. Maybe Barnes and a Zack Dodson/Duke Welker combo?


White Sox reportedly want MLB ready prospects for Rios and Ramirez. Not saying it would take them but potential MLB ready players for the Pirates are Tony Sanchez, Andrew Lambo, Jameson Taillon, Gregory Polanco, Duke Welker, and Victor Black.


Can we please say now, without hesitation, that the Mercer experiment is a failure also? I mean, c’mon, batting .130 in July? ( 3-23) And batting .148 (4-27) since June 29th? People may spew venom toward Inge and Barnes, but we desperately need a SS that can hit Con-sis-tant-ly. None, and I do mean, NONE of the 3 I’ve mentioned are up to the task.


Umm, no we cannot ignore Mercer’s first month and a half because he’s had a bad week and a half. Dude’s still got a .721 OPS which would put him 7th among ML SSs if he had enough PAs, while playing decent D. I’d love to hear exactly how the Bucs are going to acquire one of the guys ahead of him. The only SS in the league that hits Con-sis-tant-ly is Hanley Ramirez, as long as you don’t count April, June, July or September of last year.

Incidently, Miguel Cabrera went 3 for 21 from June 7 – 12, but strangely enough, the Tigers didn’t give up on him and he’s done OK since.


I hope Alberto Santos gets promoted to Indy too after EL all star game.

I’ve missed what happened to Gift as he has not played for awhile.


The obvious answer is Inge is gone when Walker gets back. However you just don’t know with this organization. They have a history of holding on to veteran utility infielders that no one else wants. Inge is the latest. They picked up two terrible RPs in September of last year rather than promote a couple of deserving youngsters. Overall I like what NH is doing, but some things, like holding onto Inge makes no sense. And for those who think Inge is just in a slow stretch, his minor league average was also below .200 when the Pirates promoted him.


“They have a history of holding on to veteran utility infielders that no one else wants”

Does that include John McDonald, who at least 2 other teams want since he’s been with Cleveland & Philly since leaving? And don’t look now, but he’s hitting .500 & slugging 1.000 for Philly. OK, tongue firmly in cheek there, as it’s only 4 ABs. And he was way worse and older than Inge.
There must be something to these versatile veterans, even if they don’t hit well in their 20 ABs a month.

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