Pirates Prospects PodcastEpisode 14 of The Pirates Prospects Podcast can be downloaded or streamed below. This episode includes analysis from Nate Barnes (@NateBarnes_TPN), James Santelli (@JamesSantelli) and myself (@timwilliamsP2) on the Pirates. Highlights of the show include:

**We introduce new beat writer Nate Barnes to the show this week.

**There were some audio problems in the first nine minutes. We got everything figured out after that.

**We talk about how the trade market has been weak so far, with not a lot of names being talked about on the block. With the lack of impact options, and the lack of chances for other teams to get a big upgrade, do the Pirates need to make a move?

**The bench needs some help. Adding someone to the lineup and moving Garrett Jones to the bench would give the Pirates a good power bat off the bench. They could also use some hitters off the bench who can hit left-handers.

**The discussion on the offense hasn’t changed in the last month. The Pirates still need an upgrade, but they’ve been contending with their pitching. James brings up Brian Wilson, who was connected to the Pirates this week. That sparks a conversation on Wilson that slowly has James talking himself into the idea of adding Wilson at the deadline.

**Can the seller’s market turn to more of an even market in the next five days?

**We give our predictions for what the Pirates will do next week at the deadline.

**Music: ‘Let’s Get it Started’ by Oh No Not Stereo. Courtesy of BeatPick.com

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‘Let’s Get it Started’ by Oh No Not Stereo. Courtesy of BeatPick.com