P3 Episode 14: Previewing the Trade Deadline For the Pirates

Pirates Prospects PodcastEpisode 14 of The Pirates Prospects Podcast can be downloaded or streamed below. This episode includes analysis from Nate Barnes (@NateBarnes_TPN), James Santelli (@JamesSantelli) and myself (@timwilliamsP2) on the Pirates. Highlights of the show include:

**We introduce new beat writer Nate Barnes to the show this week.

**There were some audio problems in the first nine minutes. We got everything figured out after that.

**We talk about how the trade market has been weak so far, with not a lot of names being talked about on the block. With the lack of impact options, and the lack of chances for other teams to get a big upgrade, do the Pirates need to make a move?

**The bench needs some help. Adding someone to the lineup and moving Garrett Jones to the bench would give the Pirates a good power bat off the bench. They could also use some hitters off the bench who can hit left-handers.

**The discussion on the offense hasn’t changed in the last month. The Pirates still need an upgrade, but they’ve been contending with their pitching. James brings up Brian Wilson, who was connected to the Pirates this week. That sparks a conversation on Wilson that slowly has James talking himself into the idea of adding Wilson at the deadline.

**Can the seller’s market turn to more of an even market in the next five days?

**We give our predictions for what the Pirates will do next week at the deadline.

**Music: ‘Let’s Get it Started’ by Oh No Not Stereo. Courtesy of BeatPick.com

Click here to download the show (right-click and “Save Link As”) or stream it below.


‘Let’s Get it Started’ by Oh No Not Stereo. Courtesy of BeatPick.com

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Matt Beam

Cody Ransom is the type of low key acquisition the Pirates need, Power bat off bench, give Pedro day off vs tough LHP which gives Pirates a LH power bat off bench


I read that SF is selling Pence. Do you think if you go with Tabata/grade c prospect, will work to get Pence? Tabata is locked up for 3 years as Pence is for 2 yrs (I think). The trade is about equal and I was being generous with a grade c prospect. With pence being a name, I figured a prospect in AA or low maybe needed.


Snider can throw a runner out. Presley can’t. Presley’s bat is not that much better where it makes him a better 4th OF option.

La Pirate

Is there any update on Grilli? will he be out more than 15 days? I think it is worth considering a good veteran pitcher. We have a lot of young guys so if Grilli is out this could be helpful. But an impact bat in right field or even at first would do wonders for this team.Tabata and Snider are really bench guys and I will still say I think Presley is a better 4th guy than Snider. Sanchez and Jones are not everyday players but not terrible as platoon partners. So we could relly upgrade by getting a right field starter or 1st base guy. If we cannot land that we need to think about a veteran pinch hitter who gets on base.


The Soriano trade isn’t relevant to the Pirates. He would not have accepted a trade to come here. Or most other places. The Cubs hands were tied.

William R. Maloni Sr

To leave anything on the table by not picking up players who might help–especially considering team and franchise options–is mismanagement and a major dissing of those who have turned out for games and want to see this team finish above .500 and, ideally, compete in the playoffs.

Let 2014-15 take care of themselves; let’s finish well this year!

IC Bob

Games are not won with WAR they are won on the field. I doubt Marco Scutero was projected fore less then +1 War but without him the Giants don’t make the playoffs they don’t win the first round and they don’t win the second round of the playoffs much less the WS. War is a nice tool but its not the end all to all discussions. Additionally when evaluating a trade for this year the contract of a player should not matter. The real question is how can he help the team. I am sorry guys but I don’t don’t really care if Nutting has to fork out an additional million or two to get a great player this year. I do understand the economics long term but for here and now give me a good rental no matter the cost. In fact the higher the cost the less I have to give back. Case and Point Soriano of the Cubs netted the return of a bag of baseballs.


Here’s the problem with this…there are no great players on the market, and if there are they certainly cost more than a couple million. Also, a “Scutaro-type player” can literally come from anywhere, and frankly you’re just as likely to find that internally (probably more so). We have to be very careful in a sellers market about paying a top 50/100 prospect for what could very well be a mostly meaningless return insofar as the regular season is concerned.

Benjamin McFerren

Its not about a major long term impact

Its about one moment in one at bat in one game

Its the guy that either gets that key hit, makes that diving catch or the guy the strikes out or makes an error


Something we need to consider is how much will a win or 2 matter for this team by the end of the season. If you look at the projected standings in most places we’re 5 games behind the Cards and 4 games ahead of the Reds by the end of the year. That really changes the marginal value of a win for the Pirates, and we need to look at how much value a 1 WAR increase truly adds to this club.

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