Pirates Activate Jose Tabata; Phil Irwin Has Surgery

Jose Tabata has been activated from the DL. Photo Credit: David Hague
Jose Tabata has been activated from the DL. Photo Credit: David Hague

A few roster updates this afternoon:

**The Pirates have activated Jose Tabata from the disabled list. To make room they have optioned Brandon Cumpton to Triple-A.

**Phil Irwin had ulnar nerve transposition surgery on his right-elbow today. He is expected to miss approximately two months of action.

**Jared Hughes will go to Florida for his rehab work. I’m guessing he’s going to be pitching for the Marauders.

**Kyle McPherson will visit Dr. James Andrews next week, according to Michael Sanserino.

The activation of Tabata isn’t a surprise. The Pirates were expected to send Cumpton down after his start and replace him with a position player. Tabata was finishing up a rehab assignment and made the most sense, as he has to be added to the roster.

That’s not good news for Irwin or McPherson, although we already knew they were down with injuries and they’ve already missed a lot of time this year. The unfortunate thing for each pitcher is that this would have been a prime year for each of them to step up and show what they could do in the majors. With all of the injuries the Pirates have seen at the major league level, at least one of them could have stepped up and claimed a rotation spot for next year.

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Since Snider has been scuffling, I wouldn’t mind giving Tabata several starts in a row to see if he can get hot (and avoid an injury).


Let’s see if Tabata can be the everyday answer in RF. I think Snider does much better off the bench.


Tabata could be the answer for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Maybe. Anything beyond that is an unreasonable expectation that he can remain healthy. NH better be shopping for something else. Even if it is just a Marlon Byrd or a Jason Bay type as insurance for when Tabata goes back on the DL.


I don’t have the numbers to back it up but it seemed when Tabata and Snider were platooning, that duo was fantastic. Form here on out I’d be okay with Snider getting starts against RH while Tabata starts against LH and, when hot, starts against both. People have seemed to forgotten Snider was forced to bat a lot against lefties since Tabata went down and its effected his overall performance.


Sorry, that’s just not true. We’ve seen Inge in RF on several occasions against the paucity of LHP we have faced, Snider has 20 ABs on the year against lefties. And, Tabata’s results against RHP are better than his results vs. LHP so the platoon didn’t work that well when he was healthy..

Snider .676 OPS vs. RHP, unacceptable. Hopefully Tabata can do well in the role of full-time starter.

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