Pirates Are One of the Strongest Pursuers For Matt Garza

CubsThe Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the strongest pursuers for right-handed pitcher Matt Garza, according to David Kaplan of CSNChicago.com. However, they’ve got company. Kaplan lists the Pirates as one of six teams who are strongly pursuing the Cubs right-hander, also naming Texas, St. Louis, Cleveland, Toronto, and the Dodgers.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard the Pirates connected to Garza. A week ago Jon Morosi said the Pirates were one of five teams who had a scout watching Garza. The “scout in attendance” rumors can sometimes be misleading. The Pirates did have a scout watching Garza, but that scout could have been there for Nate Schierholtz. This is the first time we’ve heard that the Pirates are actually pursuing Garza.

One thing that has changed in the last week is that the extension talks with Garza have fallen through. Jon Heyman reported on Sunday that the Cubs informed Garza he is likely to be traded. Heyman mentioned a lot of teams interested, but didn’t mention the Pirates. It seems the consensus is that the Rangers are the most likely destination for Garza.

Kaplan mentions that teams don’t view Garza as a number one or two, but a strong number three, and that the Cubs are asking for an exceptionally high price. He brings up the Zack Greinke trade, which landed Jean Segura and two prospects for the Milwaukee Brewers. Kaplan cites the consensus of several baseball personnel experts saying the Cubs won’t match that deal, but should come close.

Honestly I can’t see the Pirates landing Garza. I think Texas would be more likely to out-bid them for prospects. I also think the pitching this year has been good enough and should stay good enough that the Pirates shouldn’t have to deal a top prospect for two months of Garza.

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I just don’t get it. Why exactly do we need another starter of any caliber? Who sits? Morton? Cole? AJ, Locke and Liriano are locks. Frankly I would gladly hand the ball to JMG over Morton anyway so what’s the big deal. JMG has been the better pitcher than Garza THIS YEAR, and if we are looking out three years, Garza is an injury risk not worth the mediocre results. USA Today says we shouid send Polanco for Garza… clearly he’s put money on another Pirate collapse.

NH, you stink at deadline deals, don’t do it!!!!!!

Chris Hale

I believe Garza would be the #1 starter on this team immediately. Remember he has playoff experience and he’s pitched in what was/is a very strong AL East. He was also very good in the playoffs . I agree we are not going to get in a bidding war with Texas for a rental player BUT If they think they can sign him Then I could see them getting in it to the end. As long as the don’t give up Taillon, or Polanco It’s worth it in my opinion. Those two are in the upper minors and top 20 prospects in all of baseball.

Monsoon Harvard

I wouldn’t even give up Hansen or Glasnow.

If it were some kind of package that included Starlin Castro, Soriano and Garza, maybe.


Insanity ! Starlin Castro ????? Are you kidding me ?

Vicente Barletta

I have to disagree with you this time Tim. I think Garza can make a lot of difference for this year. That said, it all depends on the return. I wouldn´t trade Taillon or Polanco for Garza, but almost everyone else including Glasnow and Hanson.


What kind of prospects would we have to give up? I would think Polanco or Taillon would have to be involved in any kind of deal for Garza


Yeah, he’s a two month rental. You don’t give up top 15 prospects for guys like that. I would not deal Taillon or Polanco for any package that the Cubs could give us. But, I would put Hanson in a package that included Starlin Castro and Garza.

Thom Kay

We don’t have to worry about giving up that kind of prospect. Garza is good but not elite, he has recent injury problems, and is only a short term rental.


nah. they could always come up in talks, especially if a bidding war happens. but as far as actual value, those guys would be a complete overpay.

unless they work out a… Taillon for Soriano, Schierholtz, and Garza… deal…


I wouldn’t do that deal. Over the hill slugger who can occasionally hit a HR, a 2-month rental of a pitcher, and a 4th OFer for 6 years of control or more of Taillon. No way


mgs : To be quite honest,that is one of the worst trade scenarios I have seen yet !


Just so the Cards don’t get him


I don’t blame the Pirates for testing the waters. However, I sincerely doubt NH will come close to matching what the Cubbies are asking for Garza. Nice to add to what is already a strength, but not for two months at the cost of two very good prospects.

Kerry Writtenhouse

Doesn’t make sense unless they don’t plan on Wandy making it back this year. I guess they could be looking at making their strength, stronger. But that would carry a heavy price tag for an obvious rental. Definitely out of character for this front office.

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