Pirates Call Up Brandon Cumpton For Tonight’s Start

Brandon Cumpton will start tonight's game.
Brandon Cumpton will start tonight’s game.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have called up Brandon Cumpton to make tonight’s start against the Philadelphia Phillies. Josh Harrison has been optioned to Triple-A to make room.

Cumpton was needed tonight after Jeff Locke and Jeanmar Gomez both saw a lot of work in the bullpen on Sunday. Neither player got in the game, although Locke got ready for the game and was close to coming in. Gomez did his normal bullpen work, in preparation for his start on Wednesday. Because of the work from each pitcher, neither was available to start tonight.

Cumpton will only be up for one start. My guess is that he will return to Triple-A and Jose Tabata will come up to join the Pirates. Tabata is currently on a rehab assignment with the Indianapolis Indians.

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A tenth starter that due to Karstens, Rodriguez, and Burnett, becomes EXTREMELY necessary right now.

IC Bob

He is only necessary because management is extremely protective right now. we could have brought up 5 other guys that would perform about the same for 5 innings. lets get something done!


I wish people would get off the Rios train.


I agree. You can get just as much or almost as much for a lot less cash. Save your millions to pay your own players, or maybe a rental pitcher if they end up needing one.

IC Bob

Who are you saving your millions for? Bob Nutting? Why continue to trot out Snider and Jones if their is an option out their that can really help this team. Additionally their are only 25 major league slots so all of these Minor League players are not going to make it to Pittsburgh. Their is nothing wrong with getting a proven RF who can help the team. I doubt we have to trade much if we are willing to accept the contract. Though Cumpton was OK in his two starts I see him as nothing more then a swing man or a 5th starter on an average team. Heck for us he is the 10th starter.


Saving my millions to pay Pedro Alvarez, Gerrit Cole, Walker, Marte, Tony Sanchez, Taillon.

IC Bob

Well I this is dumb but maybe they want to showcase Cumpton again for a potential trade. maybe the White Sox will have interest as part of a Rios trade


Again….”not available” as per their internal idiocy, not because they can’t pitch. hardly the same “not available” as a reliever who’s pitched 3 straight days

Mike Don

Who starts tomorrow?

David Lewis

Thereby moving Cole’s start from a home game on the Fourth of July to an away game so they could sucker in all those fans to buy tickets to watch Jeanmar Gomez pitch… (You know someone’s gonna say it.)



The question I have is why did Locke warm up at all if Jeanmar was available to pitch out of the bullpen?


Then why did Jeanmar see a lot of work in the bullpen?


Didn’t realize the rotation did that. Thanks.

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