Pirates Considered Strong Front Runners For Brian Wilson

Bob Nightengale of USA Today has an update on Brian Wilson.

We heard about Wilson last Thursday. Nate Barnes wrote about him here. I talked about how you can never have too much depth, and while the Pirates don’t need him, it definitely would be a luxury for the bullpen. Then we discussed him in last week’s podcast. So check those links for plenty of analysis on Wilson.

At the time we just heard the Pirates linked to Wilson, but this news from Nightengale obviously boosts the interest level. In those cases where a team is watching someone, you never know the actual interest. I still wouldn’t say it’s a guarantee that the Pirates get Wilson, but at least now it seems like it could be a strong possibility, and we know that they’re going after him stronger than other teams.

UPDATE 5:26 PM: Steve Gilbert, who covers the Diamondbacks for MLB.com, says he hears the Diamondbacks aren’t in on Wilson.

That means one of two things. Either the Pirates are now the sole front runner, or the original report isn’t correct about the market for Wilson.

UPDATE 7:00 PM: John Gambadoro of 620 KTAR also says the Diamondbacks aren’t in on Wilson.

UPDATE 8:25 PM: Scott Miller of CBS Sports says the Pirates and the Giants are both “serious suitors” for Wilson. He also says the Diamondbacks and Dodgers have shown interest, although based on the above reports, the Diamondbacks don’t seem to be in it. Miller quotes scouts and people close to Wilson who say he is getting close and that he feels major league ready.

Miller also says that Wilson wants to land with a contender and has an affinity for Los Angeles, which could help the Dodgers in their pursuit.

UPDATE 10:25 PM: Jim Bowden of ESPN narrows it down to Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and San Francisco as the leaders for Brian Wilson. The tweet goes along with other reports of the three teams being among Wilson’s top options.

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Bryan Graham

Well, with the Dodgers and their unlimited spending ability as one of the last suitors I doubt we get Wilson. If they really want him, they will have him.


Again Parra isn’t available according to any source. It’s tough to trade for a guy who simply isn’t on the market.

Kerry Writtenhouse

I’d rather go after Parra.


Kubel might be the RF too. Reminds me of Ludwick but a lefty.


someone said the DBacks were willing to deal Ian Kennedy in order to clear room for Peavy. If the pirates can’t get Peavy, I think Kennedy would be a fantastic buy low option.


Tell me black beard the Pirate wouldn’t be the greatest promotion the Bucs could dream of


he could run in from the pen with smoking strips if cloth tied into his beard like real pirates did going into battle

Jeremy J Stein

Hehe, I didn’t know real pirates did that.


Qualls and Takahashi over Morris and Justin Wilson last August.

We don’t need Brian Morris over Black or Welker this August.


Ugh. 91-92 fastball? Two TJ’s? I certainly hope the FO is working on addressing the team’s actual issues, and is not getting distratced by “luxuries” like this.



jg: But the hitters will know it is Brian Wilson? No, I do not think that will work. Too many young kids to give an opportunity to a guy who may have had his best years three or four years ago.

Jeremy J Stein

So is this going to be the rally cry of the nay-sayers if a big name right fielder isn’t aquired at the trade deadline?
NH got distracted by ….. Brian Wilson?


What’s wrong with throwing low 90s, Jeanmar Gomez throws that and he has been one of the better pitchers on this team. And TJ surgery doesn’t mean his career is over, Morton has been pretty good after his TJ surgery. Wilson has playoff experience and doesn’t need to dominate for this team. What could it hurt? Bring him in

PS. I’ve read that he was going easy in that pitching exhibition, and Wilson thinks he could still get up to 94-95 in game situations


I would argue that RH relief is an actual need. Morris has been over this head on paper all year (5.00 FIP) and Mazzaro is well, Mazarro. Raise your hand if you really trust either of those two with a key 1 run lead in the 8th inning. Its too bad Crain got hurt or he would have been a really nice fit. I’m all for the gamble on a one year, rebuild value type, cheap contract.

The way I see it we need a RHRP and a RF (or at least a better platoon guy). I wonder what Sabean wants for Pence?


You have a 5 man rotation in the regular season, but usually go to a 4-man (or even 3) in the playoffs, so you have more pitchers in the pen and play the matchup game a little more because every game counts much, much more. I guess you could move Cole to the pen, but wouldn’t it be nice to have another arm in that bullpen? Like Bryan said, if you have the lead in the 6th inning you can almost put it in the book.

Bryan Graham

I would love to see them get the “Beard”, he would definitely keep the clubhouse and bullpen loose and if he can be close to his former self could shorten the game to 6 innings basically if Grilli comes back


Without knowing the cost or seeing Wilson throw first hand, I’m generally in favor of this potential acquisition. He has been excellent in the past, has high-leverage situation experience, and the cost would be purely dollars, as opposed to prospects.


yeah the beard game has been about a 40 since McGehee left. that loss of that manhood is what caused the Collapse V 2.0.

But seriously, if there’s even a chance that having a vet guy like Wilson guide the youngins into being playoff warriors, it’s worth a few million dollar gamble.

We obviously weren’t there at the scouting outing, but as long as the reports are good and he’s 85% of what he was pre-surgery, he should be a nice little pickup. especially when you consider that the O’s gave up Delmonico for KRod.

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