Pirates Don’t Seem Likely to Make a Trade Today

Jayson Stark reports that the Pirates probably won’t do anything today, and that they will instead see what is available in August, according to teams that have been talking with them.

He also says in another Twitter update that a lot of teams are saying they have nothing going on, and that this has been a slow deadline.

All morning we’ve been hearing about how the Pirates aren’t going after guys heavily, rather than how they are pursuing guys. They have no more than lukewarm interest in Alex Rios. They don’t seem to be aggressively pursuing Bud Norris. They are looking at David DeJesus and Nate Schierholtz, and you can also add Luke Gregerson to that mix.

I think there’s still a possibility of a move being made. You could chalk these comments up to posturing to try and get prices down. At the same time, this has been an extremely slow deadline all around the league. Hopefully MLB does something to change that this off-season by moving the deadline back to August. They already have the waiver trade deadline on August 31st, which allows teams to trade in August using the waiver system. The problem with that approach for the Pirates is that they have the best record in the NL. If they wanted to add a player, he would have to pass through every team in the NL if he was waived by an NL team, or every team in baseball if he was waived by an AL team. So it’s not like the Pirates will have a lot of opportunities in August, unless the Reds and Cardinals allow some players to fall through (or unless the Pirates slip in the standings behind one of those teams).

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Standing pat is not the way to go if you want to see the Pirates in the WS. Yes they have dodged the bullet in RF, but sooner or later it will catch up with them. I am also surprised that no one has been asking the Pirates about Cumpton or Gomez if there is such a shortage of pitchers out there. Deal from your strength…


Would feel a lot more comfortable dealing from that strength if Wandy was a little more certain to return…. He’s not even close to a mound yet, just long toss at like 120ft.

Jeremy Ransom

MLBTv just reported Pirates are talking Jeff Samardjizikdxsia


I can only second what Vanderbilt said: Best record in baseball with a bit of a weak spot in RF. I’m sure the Cardinals have a perfect roster with not a single weak spot anywhere in sight, still that didn’t help them much recently, did it ?

Even if we don’t make a trade, I’m sure the team will be fine this season.
I’d be rather happy if we kept our prospects in the system.
As for RF I’m sure we’ll soon see some better numbers from Tabata, Presley, Jones and Snider.

Besides: The way our pitchers are performing we don’t seem to need a lot of production to win games. And it’s not like we only score 2 runs in all our games, do we ?


We have the best record in baseball with the team we have now! Enough said!


My gut keeps telling me NH will make a move like Ray Shero did a few years ago when he acquired Marian Hossa out of nowhere basically


Great no trade. Nutiing can save cash, Neal can save his prospects. No need to compete for a Championship this year. Lets hope we continue to win games 2-1.


Joe : ” No need to compete for a championship this year ” ??? What planet are you on to make a ridiculous statement like that ?


Smizikistan? Kovaceziland?


Whew, I was starting to wonder when the “Nutting is cheap” person would emerge from the woodwork. I guess you are ignoring the best record in baseball and 2 blowout wins against the Cards. Please continue


Steelers training camp in Latrobe has already started. Might as well just focus on that if we don’t make a trade….


Anyone surprised to not hear anything about Toronto shopping anyone? They are 14.5 back in the division and buried beneath 7 teams for the WC, even though they’re only 8.5 out.

You would think they might be willing to listen to offers on a guy like Colby Rasmus or Edwin Encarnacion.


That is what the issue with the deadline is this year.The teams normally classified as sellers have agressive GMs and owners. Toronto, Anaheim, Philadelphia, Chicago AL, Milwaukee would all be selling if a guy like NH was the GM.

Then a lot of the teams you would consider buyers like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Oakland and St. Louis are very conservative.

Nuke Laloosh

Do the Pirates really need to make a trade?
We can get by with a strict platoon of Sanchez/Jones at first and Tabata or Harrison/Presley in RF. Sanchez is really growing on me and Jones can’t hit lefties. RF is not ideal but it will get us by for now.


I wonder when opposing managers will realize Jones vs righties is a better option for them than Gaby vs lefties. That is something that I could see us stealing a game with an unnecessary pitching change allowing us to pinch hit Gaby and gain an advantage.

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