Pirates Have Been Scouting Nate Schierholtz For the Last Month

CubsWe’ve heard the Pirates connected to Nate Schierholtz a lot in the last few weeks. Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago says that the Cubs are pondering moves for several players, including Schierholtz. He doesn’t say that the Pittsburgh Pirates have been talking with the Cubs for Schierholtz, but he does say that the Pirates have been scouting the outfielder for the last 30 days.

Levine notes that Schierholtz isn’t a star player, but could fit in well as a left-hander in PNC Park. The Pirates would still need someone to hit left-handed hitters, since Schierholtz is more of a platoon player. However, he’s pretty much what you want Travis Snider or Jose Tabata to be, so he’d at least provide some security. It will be interesting to see if the Pirates turn to Schierholtz now that they’re cooling on Alex Rios. I don’t think Schierholtz provides a huge upgrade, but I do think if the price is right he does provide some comfort in right field. He is also under control through the 2014 season, so he could be a starting option until Gregory Polanco is ready, and then a really strong bench bat.

I profiled the trade value for Schierholtz a few weeks ago and had him worth a Grade B hitting prospect.

UPDATE 10:58 PM: Rob Biertempfel has a prediction from a scout earlier in the week.

I could see that happening.

  • Nuke Laloosh
    July 31, 2013 9:32 am

    Do we need to make a trade? Can the Buccos get by with the current roster?
    We can get by with a strict platoon of Sanchez/Jones at first and Tabata or Harrison/Presley in RF. Sanchez is really growing on me and Jones can’t hit lefties. RF is not ideal but it will get us by for now.

  • James Santelli
    July 31, 2013 1:18 am

    “Pirates Have Been Scouting Nate Schierholtz For the Last Month” I like to imagine Neal Huntington told one scout: “Okay, here’s $4,000 for you to stay in a hotel and pay for food to scout Schierholtz for a month.” But instead the scout blew all the money on a tattoo that he thinks says POWER in Chinese but really says UNICORNS. Now it’s July 30 and Huntington calls his scout. “Okay, we want to start getting into negotiations with the Cubs. What do you have?” The scout scrambles. He thinks: “I knew I forgot something!” So he faxes in a scouting report that says only “good at baseball” and “facial hair?” Huntington sighs. “Well, that guy’s fired,” he says. And then he trades for Giancarlo Stanton.

  • Sorry, but lets assume that the Pirates don’t deal for a RF, if that happens then Lambo needs to get the call up. He has earned a shot. If he works out then you have more from him than you were going to get from any of the rentals you could have acquired, if he doesn’t, well it wouldn’t be anything new to the team as nobody has produced in RF anyways. Lambo has a limited window until Polanco arrives and could prove to be a huge trade chip when Polanco is ready.

  • I would give Presley a platoon role before trading for DogRios, Shitholtz or Overrated Pence & keep my prospects.

  • I think right now a lot of the guys who are constantly poo-poo ing players like Presley and Harrison need to start realizing that these are great role players that you want on your ML Team. They can provide spark, speed, some pop, and do so much for your team in a pennant hunt. You saw that today and yesterday with both of them. They just outperformed the entire year of John Mcdonald and Brandon Inge in a week……a week.

  • CalipariFan506
    July 30, 2013 11:39 pm

    Getting him would be nice but again it would make us poorly constructed in a playoff series to face wipe out lefties. Walker, Alvarez, Jones and him would be like shooting fish in a barrel for opposing managers.

    • Walker and Jones should never be in the starting lineup against a lefty, that’s what Harrison, Mercer, Sanchez, and Tabata are for. What it would do is allow Tabata to platoon with Schierholtz and then Sanchez and Jones could be the 1B platoon and we wouldn’t have Gabby getting all these AB’s against righties which he is terrible against. These wipeout lefties, of which there aren’t very many to begin with, usually only pitch 1 inning and often to only 1 batter. Regardless, this team is going to have to win on pitching assuming all goes well and they make the playoffs.

    • What he said!!!

  • 1. Schierholz would start vs RHP, so if he’s anything he’s an upgrade to the starting lineup. He has hit RHP’s really well the last couple of years.

    2. There are definitely at least six or seven worse benches in MLB than the Bucs. Look at the rosters and then look at the bench stats.

    • Many (if not all) of those other teams are not serious pennant contenders, so they don’t desperately need an upgrade.

  • Personally I like Pressley. I think he is a really decent forth or 5th outfielder. I do think we need a RH RF (Morse or Rios). I just don’t see a need to give up a whole lot.

  • This wouldn’t make a lot of fans excited but at the very least it would improve our bench, which is the worst in the majors right now.