Pirates Have Four Fangraphs Mid-Season Top 50 Prospects

Jameson Taillon is the number seven prospect for FanGraphs.
Jameson Taillon is the number seven prospect for FanGraphs.

Marc Hulet released the FanGraphs mid-season top 50 prospects today, and had four Pirates prospects on the list. Jameson Taillon, Gregory Polanco, Alen Hanson, and Tyler Glasnow all made the list.

Jameson Taillon was the highest rated prospect, coming in at number seven on the list. That’s a big higher than where he has been ranked by other outlets, which has usually been just outside of the top ten. The summary of Taillon didn’t say much about him, but pointed out the usual notes about how the team is good now, and how the young rotation could be built around Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon.

Gregory Polanco was next, rated at number 19. That is a bit lower than some of his other rankings, where he is usually in the 12-13 range. Hulet noted he’s still learning to tap into his raw power, and could develop above-average in-game power.

Alen Hanson was ranked 27th, which is higher than his normal 40-50 range. Hulet notes that Hanson has been over-shadowed by Polanco this year, which is ironic since Polanco was over-shadowed by Hanson last year. He says that Hanson is expected to slide over to second base in the majors, which is something I disagree with.

Tyler Glasnow has been falling just outside of the top 50 lists, but was ranked 42nd by FanGraphs. They call him one of the top breakout prospects in the game in 2013, noting that he could eventually settle in at the top of a big league rotation. I agree.

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There are a lot of question marks for Allen Hanson. To have him ranked #27 is really a stretch for me. If he reaches his max potential, it is possible. It is also very possible that he will never be a full-time major league starter.


smurph: A 20 year old playing one of the most demanding defensive positions at the Hi A Level who is 2nd on the team in doubles, 1st in Triples, 4th in HR’s, and 4th in RBI’s hitting .275 – I think that would be considered excellent for someone coming out of college, let alone a kid this young. He started the season hitting .150 and making 13 errors in the first 16 games. Since then he is hitting over .300 with only 9 errors in the last 66 games played – that is well beyond excellent. I think this is the Pirates SS of the future, and based on his play last year and so far in 2013, he may be in Pittsburgh far earlier than expected. A switchhitter who has a keen eye at the plate and works walks very well. He is also 2nd to Polanco in SB’s, but he does need some work in that aspect of the game.


I have to ask – I live in Philly and have never seen more than 5 pitches from Jameson Taillon. And even those were on the internet. Is there any reason to panic given his recent performance or can we just say that A) he’s not a finished product B) Needs to work on a few things and C) This is normal for even top prospects. Anyone can jump in here. While I know it’s not great to have the blow up that he did a lot of prospects get called up with 3 plus ERA’s etc. and do ok right? Or am I making that up. For example what were Zack Wheeler’s stats before he got called up?


You can pretty much say A, B, and C. There is a reason he’s still in the minors and that is why. Taillon’s problems stem from when he leaves his fastball in the zone, when he keeps it down, he is unhittable. He has the pitches, frame, and velocity to be the top of the rotation starter. Wheeler experienced similar struggles as did Harvey


mgs : as did Shelby Miller for an extended period last season ,though in AAA.


This is what I was able to find on the world wide web. Overall, the stats are pretty comparable so I wouldn’t get too worried at this point.

In AA Zach Wheeler Had:
3.26ERA (Taillon has 3.43ERA)
3.3 BB/9 (Taillon has 2.7 BB/9)
9.1 K/9 (Taillon has 8.7 K/9)

Where I got my info:

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