Pirates Have No More Than Lukewarm Interest in Alex Rios

The Pirates have no more than lukewarm interest in Alex Rios.
The Pirates have no more than lukewarm interest in Alex Rios.

Yesterday it seemed like the Pirates were close to a deal with Alex Rios. By the end of the night a trade for Rios seemed unlikely. Then Rios hurt his foot, which pretty much sealed it.

Jayson Stark reports today that the White Sox would like to move Rios today, but that it doesn’t look promising. He also says the Pirates and Rangers have no more than lukewarm interest.

At this point I don’t see a trade happening for Rios. He’s been connected to the Pirates all month, but we heard yesterday that they balked at the huge asking prices from the White Sox, and the more rumors that come out, the more it appears that the Pirates aren’t really looking strongly at Rios. It seems more likely that they’d go for one of Nate Schierholtz or David DeJesus if they made a deal for an outfielder.

UPDATE 2:06 PM: Jim Bowden says the Pirates and Rangers are balking on the price for Rios, both in prospect cost and dollars.

Bowden notes that Rios could be an August deal if he doesn’t get traded today. I could see him clearing waivers, since I don’t think a team will want to take on all of the remaining $18 M he is owed. Then again, that’s exactly how Chicago got Rios in the first place.

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Fred Langford

Michael Young would help but he is not exactly a good fit. He doesn’t play OF and doesn’t give you the power you need if he plays 1B and there is not really a fit for him anywhere else other than getting some abs vs lefties in place of Alvarez.


I was thinking he could take ABs from Walker and/or Alvarez. Instantly upgrades the bench too (although he probably wouldn’t want to move into that role). He would definitely be more of a luxury piece for the Pirates, but I would at least give the Philadelphia a call about him.


Apparently Michael Young is now willing to approve a trade to the Red Sox. Would he do the same to go to the team with the best record in baseball?


Rios would help the Pirates if the asking price was realistic, but when teams like Boston and Detroit give up their top prospects for middle of the road players, it just makes even trade deals impossible for teams like the Pirates. Detroit and Boston can overcome this stupidity by overpaying on the international market for players to replace these guys, the Pirates can’t.


I would agree that this smacks of posturing. You’d also have to think that, considering he pulled him for not hustling, Ventura and Rios may not be BFFs at this moment. I can see the Sox pulling a Littlefield-esque capitulation in terms of their asking price in order to dump Rios.

Fred Langford

The Rockies are now 6 games under .500. I would love to see Cuddyer come to the Pirates and make the entire lineup better.


What’s nice is that Colorado still has Cargo and Tulo. So its not like they would be giving away the face of the franchise in Cuddyer… 6 games under, but only 7.5 behind the Dodgers, 8 back of the Reds for the WC.

I get why its hard for GMs to let pieces go. “Two solid weeks and we could be right there…”

This is not a team going to the playoffs though. And they should always be looking for pitching prospects with heavy fastballs, and big GO/AO ratios and the Pirates have them in droves.

Fred Langford

I agree BC. Yeah, the Rockies are at around 5% chance of playoffs. A good 10 days could get them thinking they are in it but 10 more bad days and they are probably done. Although just a few years ago they won 18-19 or whatever to get in the playoffs. What a freak occurrence that was. Haven’t heard much talk about Cuddyer so not sure what he would cost prospect-wise. He is owed 14.1 mil or so through next year and I don’t think that will break the bank. He will be 35 next year but is having a career year so not worried about getting a guy who is going to decline a large amount…and I love his versatility and playoff experience.


Two solid weeks and we’re right there…..

Yeah I seem to remember a GM saying that and then going out and getting Matt Morris.

Still wake up with cold sweats over that one. 🙂

Fred Langford

I always tell a story about being in Bradenton for a ST game Morris’ last year and Morris got the start and my future wife who knew little about baseball at the time looking at Morris warming up and saying “This guy doesn’t look like he throws very hard.” He was about 84-86 that day with a 66mph loopy curve and he got clubbed like a baby seal.


“clubbed like a baby seal.”
Fred, love that phrase. People around me are wondering what I’m laughing at. I will be using it in the future.


I think it was Walk who made a comment last night about how the whole staff used to be guys who sat 86-90, and you just don’t see ANYONE like that anymore. Even the “soft tosser” of the staff (Locke) sits 91-93 as a lefty.

Before you would get one guy who touched 93 like Ian Snell, and you thought you had Nolan Ryan. That’s easily the biggest change on the Pirates since Huntington took over.


Thought we were looking at an extreme sellers market, but things get crazy on deadline day. Does this open up the door for a Soriano type trade? How badly do the White Sox want to move this guy? Is Neil using one Chicago GM against the other?…. Love the deadline

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