Tyler Glasnow won't be traded. (Photo Credit: Tom Bragg)
Tyler Glasnow won’t be traded. (Photo Credit: Tom Bragg)

Earlier today Jeff Passan speculated that Tyler Glasnow would be a good return for Bud Norris. While it seemed like speculation, the fact that Passan mentioned Glasnow twice, and specifically went to him, made it seem like it could be something more. It would have been a total 180 of what the Pirates have done the last few years, where they don’t over-pay in prospects for marginal talent. Passan reports tonight that Glasnow won’t be traded.

Our long National nightmare is over.

Also, from what we’ve learned tonight, it doesn’t seem like the Pirates are in on Norris or Rios anymore.

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  1. Good. I’d rather have Dickerson in the organization than either one of Norris or Rios.

    Huntington has earned a considerable quantity of job security this season. But he could be fired if he sent Glasnow to the Sox for Rios and Rios cost the Pirates a playoff or world series win by dogging it. Glasnow for Norris is completely laughable. No one in their right mind makes that trade.

  2. Msic to my ears.
    Let’s face it, this is a bad year to trade. Low key moves are going to be what we see.
    Tim, you were right, the trade deadline needs to be pushed back.

  3. Thank you Tim, I can finally put away my flaming torch and pitchfork. Losing Glasnow for Norris could have been NH’s worst move as a GM.

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