Pirates Have Three in Baseball America’s Mid-Season Top 50

Jameson Taillon is Baseball America's 11th ranked prospect.
Jameson Taillon is Baseball America’s 11th ranked prospect.

Baseball America released their mid-season top 50 prospects, and the Pirates had three players on the list. Jameson Taillon, Gregory Polanco, and Alen Hanson were those three players, ranked in that order.

Taillon was the 11th best prospect in the league. Their caption said that Taillon isn’t far behind Cole as far as arriving to the majors. My guess is that Taillon will be up in the middle of June 2014.

Polanco was the 13th best prospect. They said that when he arrives, the Pirates will field three legitimate center fielders. If I were ranking them defensively, I’d go Polanco, then Starling Marte, then Andrew McCutchen.

Hanson finished 39th on the list. BA noted that he might end up as a second baseman, but that he hits enough that a move won’t be a problem. I still think Hanson has a chance to stick at short. He has the tools needed to be decent at the position. He won’t provide defensive value, but he also won’t be a huge liability, and his offense at shortstop will be a big boost.

Yesterday Baseball America had Tyler Glasnow as one of the breakthrough prospects of 2013, so it’s safe to say he finished just outside of the top 50.

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Polonco is definitely on a different level. I hope he keeps hitting and gets a opportunity come September. I was totally against him being rushed but he’s seems to be a world beater. I don’t remember but how did Presley get his chance? He started out in AA that year, right?

Jeremy J Stein

Polanco better than Marte on defense? Interesting.
2015 – 3 +5 WAR outfielders —- (Homer Simpson drool)

Steve Zielinski

3 >6 WAR outfielders!


A realistic question comes to my mind. Do we think Hanson would provide defensive value at 2nd? And if so then might we truly be better off doing that? I know the thought is always that you want a “superstar SS”, but it feels like so much of our run prevention is predicated on quality defense that we should consider it.


Very true, I forgot that plan A would likely involve Herrera and he is locked in at 2nd. It’s nice that we have that level of internal flexibility these days where we don’t have to entirely depend on “player X becoming this.” Thanks for the input on that.


Amazing to think the Pirates almost signed Sano, Polanco, and Hanson all in 2009…

Kerry Writtenhouse

You think Polanco is better than Marte? Wow!!! If that is the case, I see no scenario where Polanco should be discussed in any deal.


I just got to watch Polanco in person for the first time this weekend and if he is traded I’m starting the riot. I’m no scout of course but man to my eyes he just seemed to be on a totally different level than everyone else on the field.


NL Central has 12 of the top 50.

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