Pirates Aren’t Meeting the Cubs Demands For Outfielders

Ken Rosenthal says that the Chicago Cubs are expected to move either Nate Schierholtz or David DeJesus, and that the Pirates are in on both.

We’ve heard Schierholtz mentioned a lot, but this is the first time this year that DeJesus has been connected to the Pirates. Rosenthal says DeJesus might be more likely to be moved. He is under team control through the 2014 season, with a $6.5 M option and a $1.5 M buyout. This year DeJesus has a .268/.327/.452 line in 228 at-bats. He has been good against right-handers, with an .832 OPS, but has struggled against lefties with a .462 OPS.

Schierholtz has better splits this year (.885/.560), but either way the Pirates would need to find someone who could hit left-handers if they went with one of these guys.

UPDATE 10:50 AM: Here are the trade values for Schierholtz and DeJesus.

UPDATE 3:02 PM: Nick Cafardo says Nate Schierholtz is staying with the Cubs.

UPDATE 3:57 PM: Bob Nightengale says the Pirates aren’t meeting the Cubs price, and there’s doubt a trade will be made.

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While getting a better option for RF to face RHPs would be a plus, it makes Tabata (reverse splits) and Snider redundant. Do we think Tabata will figure out hitting LHP to become the other side of a RF platoon? I don’t think it will happen. So would you trade either Snider (plus a low-level prospect) as a “change of scenery” guy to get one of the Cubs? Or Tabata? And, as others have pointed out, we still have a hole against LHPs.

I’d much rather get a Morse or Guzman (Pads) – a LHP thumper. Let Tabata keep getting the starts vs RHP.


Small sample size for Tabata this season. In his career he hits lefties better than righties.


The big problem with Tabata is he has no power, the Pirates need someone that hits left handed pitching that has power besides McCutchen.

Fred Langford

The Pirates have played the 2nd least games against lefty starters I believe which is very fortunate for them…although they are 11-10 vs lefties. Still, that is probably mostly pitching related and we are just scratching by. A right handed corner bat that can do damage would be a huge bonus to the lineup especially vs lefties but they definitely need another good bat regardless…two good signs recently though is the play of Gabby Sanchez and Harrison. Those guys playing well has been a big bonus.


When you see Sanchez starting against a right handed pitcher that is a problem, IMO, if I am the GM, I am going to address a problem like this one. I am out looking for a right handed hitter that can hit left handed pitching with some power, although PNC is a tough park for a right handed power hitter to succeed in, it is very easy to get the wrong guy, PNC is built for left handed power.


Exactly. Less than 20% of your games are against LHSP. So you address the one glaring weakness (Snider) with a LH hitter (Schierholtz). Platoon Jones and Sanchez at 1B. As for a RF against a LHSP, Tabata has been effective against them in his career, so you can go with him or Harrison.

Cato the Elder

If they can’t hit LHP, I don’t understand the interest.

Fred Langford

I agree Cato.

Fred Langford

I don’t see any point in adding a left handed bat unless they add a right handed bat too. Snider is so bad that another lefty is fine but there is definitely a right handed hole.


Schierholtz or Dejesus would help this team, as long as they don’t give away any of their top prospects for one of them.
I don’t know why trades or trade talk never revolves around trading a player already on the 25 man roster, why does it always have to be prospects. The Pirates have 5 or 6 starting pitchers on their 25 man roster that are better than Norris, why not trade one of them if it could complete this team? Look what Boston and Detroit gave up for Peavy, Imagine giving up say Burnett, what he would bring to this team? The Pirates lost him earlier in the year and never skipped a beat.


I think Raul Ibanez would be the best option in this weak trade market. He wouldn’t cost a lot and his contract is up at the end of the season.


purns11 : did you not get the Mariners memo ? No trades,they think it is more important that their fans see a winning record this season. So,all of you Ibanez fans can stop right now !


Know this is a trade thread, but I couldn’t help peaking ahead to tonight. Pirates are rolling, Cards are sliding, and it doesn’t look like Wainwright is going to be the answer, especially going up against Locke.


Cato the Elder

I’m excited about tonight’s game too, but let’s not be fooled in to thinking 20 AB samples sizes represent anything close to significant. This is especially when roughly 1/2 of those ABs came in a 2 game sample from the first half of last year when his avg. fastball was < 90 mph (or almost 5 mph slower than it is this season).


All points true. I’m just thinking from a player’s perspective. If my team is rolling and I can point to recent success against a guy, I’m probably feeling pretty confident going into the game. Especially with Locke on the mound…


HOWIE KENDRICK!!! Why is no one talking about him? 298/.338/.444 with 11 homers and can play 1st and OF??


Cost of contract and/or prospects to aquire him probably. Ive always liked his bat, so Im with ya.
However, it would be nice to get DeJesus just so we can see Mrs DeJesus hanging out with Mrs Toro in PNC Park.


because noone has said anything about him being available. also remember kendrick is actually a 2b,3b. The angels just like throwing him in all kinds of places he doesnt belong


Kendrick has played 1B too. Im sure he could handle RF as well.


Denorfia hitting a first pitch walk off 2 run homer off Chapman was maybe the most satisfying baseball moment of the week as a Pirates fan. And that includes us winning three in a row! That’s how I feel about Chapman.


mike morse


Chris Denorfia

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