Pirates Interested in Hunter Pence, But Giants Unlikely to Trade Him

The Pirates are interested in Hunter Pence, but the Giants aren't looking to deal him.
The Pirates are interested in Hunter Pence, but the Giants aren’t looking to deal him.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports that the Pittsburgh Pirates have interest in San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence. Heyman says that unless things change, Pence is staying in San Francisco. The Giants would only deal Pence if they were out of the race and overwhelmed, according to Heyman.

Right now the Giants don’t have a good record, but they’re only five and a half back in the weak NL West. Even though they’re 5.5 back, they’re in fourth place in the division, so from an outsider’s perspective they’re not exactly a contender. If the Giants were in any other division, they’d be more than ten games back.

The Giants acquired Pence last year at the trade deadline in exchange for Nate Schierholtz and prospects Tommy Joseph and Seth Rosin. Joseph was the third best prospect in the Phillies farm system coming into the year.

I’m not sure why the Giants would have to be overwhelmed to deal Pence. He’s a free agent after the year, and isn’t putting up numbers like the Pence of old. He’s got a .265/.307/.455 line in 378 at-bats this year, and is making $13.8 M. The Giants might be able to tender him a qualifying offer at the end of the year and get a compensation pick in the draft next year if he signs a multi-year deal somewhere. That would be their only leverage, and the only reason to hold onto him in my view.

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The Giants have to be overwhelmed because they leaked this story to Heyman, to drive up the bidding on Pence. That’s how it works this time of year.

I’d prefer him to Rios, contractually and otherwise.


You would have to think that Pence would finally be cost efficient, in terms of prospects. Even compared to rios. For the past couple of seasons Pence would have require Taillon/Cole plus another 2 out of the top ten prospects… I bet he could be had now for clay Holmes straight up.


Really? You would be happy with the last remaining year of Hunter Pence in RF and Starling Marte in the city by the bay?

That being said, are the Giants really going to pass on Travis Snider and Stolmy Pimentel for the last 2 months of this incarnation of Pence? LH bats play well in their park, unlike RH bats. And if Snider doesn’t work out, they can always sign Pence back. Hell, they can do that if he does work out, too.

A comp pick last year was worth Gaby Sanchez, more or less. So they get a couple of ML ready players for the potential to lose an upcoming comp pick – They need to start putting a rotation together, and Pimentel looks like someone that is worth a shot.


Should have traded for Pence last year…


You can truly set a calendar based on the frequency of Hunter Pence’s name showing up in my twitter feed. It’s like clockwork haha.

I have a theory that if his name was John Smith and didn’t look like a baby deer learning to walk (appearing ‘scrappy’), pirate fans would not have been so fixated on him the past 3 seasons.


I agree with Thom Kay that the Giants want to keep Pence. That makes him worth more than the compensation pick.

Thom Kay

Giants may want to sign Pence in the offseason, and that’s much easier to do if they don’t trade him.

Pence is a really complete player. Solid fielder, good baserunner, hits both righties and lefties.

For the right price, I would love to get him.


MLB ” expert ” Jon Heyman had Alex Rios just about ready to pull on the Black and Gold yesterday,didn’t he ? Before he got pulled from the game for a half hearted effort on a ball that is.

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