Pirates Land a Competitive Balance Pick in the 2014 Draft

Gaby Sanchez Pirates
Last year the Pirates used their comp pick to trade for Gaby Sanchez. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

The Pittsburgh Pirates have landed a 2014 draft pick in today’s Competitive Balance Lottery. The Pirates got the fifth pick in Comp Round B of the 2014 draft, which takes place after the second round, according to Clint Longenecker of Baseball America.

Last year the Pirates won the second pick in Comp Round A, which ended up being the 35th overall selection in the 2013 draft. They traded the pick at the 2012 deadline, along with Gorkys Hernandez, in exchange for Gaby Sanchez and Kyle Kaminska. The Detroit Tigers and Miami Marlins also exchanged picks last year as part of a bigger trade that sent Anibal Sanchez to Detroit.

The Pirates could trade this year’s pick, although they probably wouldn’t receive a huge return, especially since this year’s pick follows the second round.

In NL Central news, the Milwaukee Brewers landed the sixth pick in Comp Round A while the St. Louis Cardinals got the third pick in Comp Round B.

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The 10 teams with the lowest revenue plus the 10 teams with the smallest markets all qualify for the competitive balance draft. Since there is overlap between the two groups, a total of 14 teams were in the lottery. The teams are then assigned probabilities – like the NBA lottery – based on their 2012 W-L record. In total 12 bonus draft picks are awarded.

There are six picks after Round 1, and they went to COL, BAL, CLE, MIA, KC, and MIL. Five of those six were five with the worst W-L records, but Baltimore got lucky in the lottery and jumped a bunch of others.

In the second phase, following Round 2, the order was SD, ARI, STL, TB, PGH, and SEA. The Cardinals were a bit lucky and jumped a few teams.

Cinci and Oakland, who were down at the bottom of the probability ranking, along with StL and Baltimore, did not get lucky and ended up with nothing.


Tony Sanchez just hit an opposite way 3-r HR in the AAA all-star game on MLBN. I dont want us to trade him, I think he can be the bridge between Martin and Mcguire. Sanchez learns from Martin,, Reese learns from Sanchez.


2nd round pick instead of 1st? The downside of winning.


If the Cards meet the criteria then they should have a chance.

I guess they fit in as one of the 10th smallest markets, can’t believe it is by revenue.

the Bucs probably qualify under both counts along with As, Royals and Rays.

The Bucs are probably always going to qualify to be in the lottery as long as criteria stay the same.

Maybe the Bucs will get the first competitive balance pick after they win the World Series.

Bob Martin

Got a huge problem with this system when the previous year World Series Champs get a competitive balance pick.

Lee Young



Just out of curiosity who did Miami draft with the comp pick we gave up for Sanchez?


They drafted, but did not sign, Matt Krook. Since I could easily see the Bucs having done the same with that pick had they kept it, I am not so sad to have seen it go. The domino effect of taking Krook might have caused them to pass on Blake Taylor, although there were guys there I would have liked.


So nice that the undermanned and disadvantaged Cardinal organization can get some extra help. 🙂


so this pick would be worth about as much as JaCoby Jones?
Trying to put in context of a player.

Steve Zielinski


Que sera….

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