Pirates Place McKenry on the DL, Recall Alex Presley

Michael McKenry Pirates
Michael McKenry has been placed on the DL. (Photo by: David Hague)

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed catcher Michael McKenry on the 15-day disabled list, and have recalled Alex Presley. McKenry was placed on the DL with a left knee sprain, retroactive July 28th. It was expected that he would go on the DL yesterday when Tony Sanchez came up, but instead Travis Snider went on the DL.

In the grand scheme of things, the Pirates swapped out McKenry and Snider for Sanchez and Presley. That might provide a short-term upgrade to the bench if Sanchez and Presley can carry their Triple-A hitting over to the majors. Sanchez looked good in limited appearances in the majors last month. He’s struggled at the plate recently in Triple-A, but his last few games have looked good. Presley has also looked good in just 42 at-bats in the majors this year. In his career in the majors he has a .727 OPS, which would be an upgrade over what Snider was providing this year.

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If Jason Kubel is a ail able that’s the guy I’m looking for.

Monsoon Harvard

True, there really doesn’t look like much of a realistic outfield upgrade available for less than our untouchable prospects.
One possibility may be to take Morneau from the Twins and leave Garrett Jones in RF. As long as we don’t give up too much.
Morneau has pretty decent RBI numbers. At least he’d be an upgrade over Gaby Sanchez.


Ya lets trade for a real RF 10 months before the best OF prospect since Bonds is ready to debut. Blocking stars with high paid veterans is what bad organizations do. You guys worry too much about 2013.

Bryan Graham

Who’s looking to block Polanco? Hopefully he is here in 10 months, but a lot can happen between now and then. Most of what’s out there for RF this season are 2 month rentals so blocking Polanco isn’t an issue.


Most of what is out there in RF that would be a real upgrade are guys that either are lazy (Rios), in the division (Scheirholtz, Aoki), unavailable (Stanton, Cuddyer) or just going to be too costly in prospects (Pence). I don’t think there is a realistic upgrade out there.


Presley>Harrison in basically everyway. So i’d keep that in mind. But you are correct, if we get a OF, he will probably be sent down assuming he isn’t part of the deal. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Presley or Tabata going back to another team as well as a B prospect for a ML outfielder


You don’t understand why we’d call up a player who hit 10 homers last year with us, who provides lead off speed and a pinch runner late in the game, who has also done fairly well this year off the bench in limited time and didn’t play poorly last year? If you don’t understand that, we might want to get you to a doctor 🙂 Fact is, if Tabata wasn’t out of options, Presley would have been on the team to break camp in april

Bryan Graham

You mean the guy that had a .237 average, had a whole 9 stolen bases (caught 7 times), walked 5% of the time, struck out over 20%, and had an OBP of .279? If that’s the Alex Presley you mean then maybe you are the one who needs a doctor.


I think one of the reasons it was Presley over Lambo was because Presley was on the 40 man roster. Presley might be here short term if the Pirates acquire an outfielder before Wednesday

David Lewis

This, exactly. To call up Lambo, you have to add him to the 40-man. That leaves you no open slots on the 40-man. If you acquire anyone in a trade without sending a player on the 40-man, you need to open a slot. So now you’re releasing a potentially-useful minor-league piece in order to give Andrew Lambo, what, 3 ML PAs?

Let Presley get those PAs; if they acquire an outfielder before the deadline, he goes back to Indy. If they don’t, then he can still go back to Indy and you can call up Lambo and give him the 40-man slot if you want.


If Neil would just please, finally trade for a real, everyday MLB hitter who can play acceptable defense in RF, we could all finally stop talking about this mumbo-jumbo Presley, Lambo, Snider, Tababta, Jones, Sands, platoon garbage, and just enjoy the last 59 games.

RF for the Pirates has just been a giant black hole where AAAA players go to die.


Looks like Tony Sanchez will make his major league debut behind the plate Tuesday night in Game 2 of the DH.


Lambo still has a strikeout ratio of over 30%. I think it is a better move to bring up Presley, who will only play parttime, while Lambo can continue to get fulltime ABs.


Presley gives you speed and defense. Lambo does not.

Bryan Graham

In case you haven’t been watching, the Pirates need offense, not speed and defense so much. Lambo does have a 10% walk rate also and has an OPS over .900. I will take a shot on Lambo over Presley easy right now, if his defense if that bad they could put a defensive replacement in for him late in games.


The reality is the Pirates need all 3, the main reason we have the leagues #1 pitching staff is that whole #1 in defensive efficiency. If you sacrifice one you better gain a ton elsewhere. We have seen that this front office heavily values defense.

At any rate, I’d wager that Alex Presley is a better MLB player than Lambo ever will be. In his 667 career pa’s he has been a 1.8 WAR player and this year he has hit above league average in the really small sample he has turned in. For his career he has been almost exactly league average at the dish (wRC+ 99) with above average defense.


j: Agree 100%, and the times that Presley has been up over the past few years will pay quicker dividends just by familiarity with the pressures, and he has probably seen a lot of the pitchers already.

Bryan Graham

Last year Presley got a pretty good look and was horrible offensively, his Pirate stats this season have no meaning to me since it is such a tiny sample size. Regardless, he got the call so hopefully he produces.


I do not understand this move at all. Presley has had his chances numerous times, and cannot stick. On the other hand, we have Lambo who is out performing Presley, still awaiting a chance. These is no risk of bringing up Lambo and sending him back down if he doesn’t perform. Presley is a walking example of that!

I just don’t get it.

Bryan Graham

Exactly what I was going to say, why not give Lambo a shot?

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