Pirates Release Jose Contreras

The Pirates have released Jose Contreras.
The Pirates have released Jose Contreras.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have released Jose Contreras. The right-hander was with Indianapolis, and was performing well. He had given up just one earned run in 16.1 innings with the Indians since being sent down from the majors. He also had a 19:5 K/BB ratio.

My guess is that they released him to give him an opportunity to sign elsewhere where he could play in the majors. The Pirates don’t really have a spot in their bullpen for Contreras. They’ve got Jared Hughes making his way back from the disabled list. I heard from a few people that his stuff looked filthy last night in Altoona. But there isn’t even room for Hughes in the majors. And if the Pirates need to turn to their bullpen depth, Hughes, Vic Black, and Duke Welker would probably all be picked ahead of Contreras.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Contreras lands with another team and ends up back in the majors soon.

As a corresponding move, Atahualpa Severino has been reinstated from the Temporary Inactive List.

  • Atahualpa Severino is back?

    Now how did you resist the urge not to lead off with that tidbit?

  • Were the Pirates releasing Jose Contreras to help clear up 40-Man roster space, so they could make a deal soon?

  • Tim,

    With the trade deadline 12 days away, and if you think (as I do) that he indeed could pitch for some other MLB team, wouldn’t it have been smarter to try to get something for him and/or include him in a trade deadline package?

    If you actually believe there will be MLB interest, and with his recent stats, didn’t they just let him go for nothing? Seems like an odd thing to toss away this close to the trade deadline. What’s the logic there?

    • They’re not going to get anything for him in a trade. They’d only get an organizational guy for the upper levels.

      By trading him, a new team would assume his contract that he negotiate with the Pirates, which might not be as good as what he could get from signing with that team.

      Releasing him is a courtesy. Other teams extend the same courtesy all the time. And by offering that courtesy, you have more appeal with future signings, which is far more valuable than anything you’d get in a Contreras trade.

  • Black, Hughes, Lambo, Snider, should be able to get an above average outfield bat.

    If they threw in Stolmy, do you think that would be enough to fetch a guy like Stanton?.

  • Vic Black looked pretty nasty at 98-99 MPH in the All-Star game last night.

  • Think about the depth this year versus when NH first took over. Amazing.

    • The 4 through 10 top prospects in 2007 was pretty sad. Yoslan Herrera, rhp, Josh Sharpless, rhp, Steven Pearce, 1b, Brian Bixler, ss, Brad Corley, of , Todd Redmond, rhp and Mike Felix, lhp.
      I don’t even remember who Josh Sharpless and Mike Felix are.

      • Josh was from Freedom, Pa as I recall.

        That DL sure knew how to stock a system!!



        • I pitched against Josh Sharpless in high school when he played for Freedom. That team was AWFUL. I think we won 16-5 or something like that. He was a sophomore when i was a senior at South Side Beaver

      • Mike Felix was a second rounder. He shouldn’t have been. He was around a 5’11 190 pound low upside lefty. Another low upside-high round pick from Littlefield. Felix also had poor control.

        • Just went back and looked Felix up to make sure I had him right. He went to Troy and walked 215 in 256 minor league innings and posted a +5.50 era and 1.763 whip. Never made it above A+ ball.

  • Isn’t Ryan Reid still available as bullpen depth also?

    • He is.

      • Tim,

        Its something that I had posted about him yesterday.
        I am trying to learn about these things. Would it have
        been in his contract that he could ask to be released
        to sign with a MLB team? Does he already know
        where he is going or is he (or his agent) not allowed
        to talk to another team until he is released?

        I guess with his release he had no trade value?

        Any guess where he is going? Detroit? Boston?

        We wish him the best.


        • I’m not sure of the specifics with Contreras, but usually these deals are done out of courtesy to veterans. If they have a chance of landing with another team, and the current team has no plans to use them, they will release the player and allow him to sign elsewhere.

          The agent can talk to other teams to try and determine interest. Teams can also call the Pirates to check on the player and see if he’s available.

          • Thank you. I’m learning.

            Good to hear the Pirates are doing the honorable thing by giving him an opportunity.

            Hope it also helps us out with another player in the future.


            PS: Headed to Altoona on Saturday.

  • Tim,Hughes was throwing the best sinker I have ever see him throw in the second inning last night. The three batters he faced were just waving at it.