Ryan Braun Suspended For the Rest of the Season

Milwaukee Brewers hitter Ryan Braun has been suspended for the rest of the season due to his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. There won’t be any appeal process, since this appears to be a settlement between Braun and MLB. This move really doesn’t hurt the Brewers that much, since they’re not contenders this year, and will get Braun back next year.

The Pirates play the Brewers six more times this season, and those matchups should be easier without Braun. By comparison, the Reds play Milwaukee ten more times, and the Cardinals play them nine more times. So the Pirates have been at a disadvantage in that they played more games with Braun on the roster. However, that didn’t hurt them much, as they have gone 9-4 this year against the Brewers.

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Now that he has admitted to being a PEDs user and a liar, will he acknowledge the fact that he is a Level 1 narcissist?


Listen to his speech from last February again. I can’t believe it, but he actually comes off as even more of a jerk off.


Good to see MLB take a stand against cheaters. The games are more fun to watch now that its not a bunch of muscle heads hitting homers like a slow pitch softball game.

Hope someone fights the commissioner and he suspends them for an entire season.


What happened to the 100 game suspension?

Why is Braun first of the 20 guys to get suspended?

Looks like a convenient thing to do for a commissioner who just happens to really like Milwaukee.

Stephen Brooks

It’s a plea deal. Braun accepted a 65-game suspension instead of appealing, which would have pushed the process into 2014. Baseball needed a pelt this calendar year, and it got one. Braun gets 35 games shaved off the proposed suspension and gets to start next season anew, presumably when Corey Hart and Matt Gamel are healthy. I don’t think this has anything to do with Milwaukee; I’m sure A Rod, Evereth Cabrera, Jesus Montero or others were offered the same deal. After the MLBPA disavowed PED users over the All Star break, it was just a matter of time before someone copped a plea. Braun now sets the precedent – if the guy who beat the system last year makes a deal, guys out there know they’re on their own, and MLB isn’t messing around this time. I bet you see at least one more player take a voluntary suspension before the season is over.


Sucks that he gets to serve out his suspension in a Brewers down year. Would have preferred this to occur next year.

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