The 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates International Signing Tracker

Earlier this week the international signing period began, allowing teams to sign international prospects for the 2013-2014 signing period. The Pirates have already signed nine players, including two players with bonuses that total $675,000 combined.

Throughout the signing period, we keep an international signing tracker. This is much like our draft pick signing tracker in that it keeps track of the signings and bonuses, and shows how much the Pirates have left to spend. Unlike the draft pick version, it’s hard to keep up with every international signing. A lot of the smaller deals aren’t announced, and we usually only find out the dollar figures for the big deals. You don’t usually find out that a guy like Gregory Polanco received $75,000 until that guy breaks out.

With that disclaimer, here is the link to the 2013 International Signing Tracker. The Pirates have already signed nine players, and you can read about them here:

7/3/2013: Adrian Valerio

7/3/2013: Edinson Lantigua

7/4/2013: Luis Perez, Raul Siri, Christian Mota, Ramon Garcia, Junior Lopez, Julian Villamar, Yunior Montero

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I see where the Cubs are cleaning up in the international market this year.

John Dreker

The Cubs have the second highest bonus pool in baseball, so they definitely have the ability to go crazy with their signings this year. Pirates are 13th in bonus pool money, just over half the amount the Cubs are allowed to spend, so they can’t compete with them in that area.

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