Tyler Glasnow Named a Breakthrough Prospect by Baseball America

Tyler Glasnow was named one of Baseball America's ten breakthrough prospects. (Photo Credit: Tom Bragg)
Tyler Glasnow was named one of Baseball America’s ten breakthrough prospects. (Photo Credit: Tom Bragg)

Baseball America has released their ten breakthrough prospects for the 2013 season. These are players who didn’t make the midseason top 50, but who should be good for the next top 100 prospect list Baseball America releases. To my knowledge, the midseason top 50 list hasn’t been announced yet.

Tyler Glasnow was one of the breakthrough prospects on the list. BA notes that he’s not close to a finished product, with a lot of command issues that come from learning how to repeat his delivery. He throws 93-97 MPH, and BA says his fastball seems livelier because of his long stride to the plate. They also pointed out that he’s showing signs of improved control, and give him front-line starter potential.

Last year Gregory Polanco was on the “ten breakthrough prospects” list, and one year later he is on a lot of top 25 prospect lists. That speaks well for Glasnow’s future, and if he continues putting up the dominant numbers we’ve seen from him so far, and improves the control issues, there’s no reason to think he won’t be ranked higher up this time next year.

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Piratesfan81, couldnt have said it better! Great time to be a bucs fan


It is a real good feeling to be a Pirates fan right now. The ball club has one of the best starts, the minors are really getting looked at, and depth in each position is very exciting. I can not ask for anything more from the organization besides a winning season. I spent half my life waiting for a winner, the organization is on the right path. Keep up the hard work bucs!


BA’s mIdseason top 50 should be released Monday. It was brought up in their Hot Sheet chat on Friday. I’m looking forward to it as a fan of the Bucs!

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