First Pitch: The Bench Has (Almost) Been Fully Upgraded

One of the big areas of need for the Pirates leading up to the deadline was the bench. For a long stretch the Pirates had a weak hitting bench, with Michael McKenry, Brandon Inge, Clint Barmes, and Travis Snider all struggling to hit. The only other hitter on the bench was either Gaby Sanchez, who can’t hit right-handers, or Garrett Jones, who can’t hit left-handers, depending on who was playing that day in the platoon.

The Pirates obviously didn’t make a trade to upgrade the bench. But that’s not to say they didn’t upgrade the bench. Very quietly the bench saw a few upgrades — some due to injuries, some due to improvements, and some coming as a result of moving on from Brandon Inge. Below are the three spots that have been upgraded in the last month, followed by one spot that could still be upgraded.

Backup Catcher

Michael McKenry was struggling on both sides of the ball this year. He was having trouble throwing out runners, which wasn’t a new issue this season. He was also having trouble at the plate, which kind of was a new issue this year. That could be a result of a lack of playing time this year compared to the previous two seasons. McKenry started hitting at the end of July, then went down for the season with a knee injury.

That brought on Tony Sanchez. He hasn’t had a lot of playing time, but has hits in two of his three starts since coming up at the end of July. He has also been a big upgrade defensively over McKenry, highlighted by a great performance on August 3rd against the Rockies where he was displaying his pitch framing and blocking abilities.

The backup catcher isn’t going to provide a lot of value to begin with, especially with Russell Martin getting so much playing time. However, Sanchez was an upgrade, even if the value of the upgrade is minimal.

Josh Harrison Pirates
Josh Harrison has matched Brandon Inge’s 2.5 month production in two weeks. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Brandon Inge for Josh Harrison

Let’s take a look at two players:

Player A: 9 hits, 1 2B, 1 HR

Player B: 7 hits, 1 3B, 2 HR

Player A is Brandon Inge from May 7th to July 21st, which was his last game as a Pirate. That spans 38 games played and 75 plate appearances.

Player B is Josh Harrison since Inge was released. In those 19 plate appearances, Harrison has provided as much offensive value as Inge provided in a two and a half month span before being released. To be fair, Harrison was on the roster for a few weeks before Inge was released, so it’s not like the Pirates released Inge and brought up Harrison to replace him. However, they only had room for one of those two, and decided to stick with Harrison.

A Better Clint Barmes

Clint Barmes lost his starting shortstop job to Jordy Mercer earlier in the season. The Pirates officially made the switch on June 17th, although Mercer was slowly taking more and more playing time before that date. That just happens to be the date that the question was asked, and the Pirates acknowledged that Mercer was the starter.

Prior to that date, Barmes had a horrible .198/.231/.265 line on the season. Since moving to the bench, Barmes has been excellent. He has a .286/.348/.397 line in 63 at-bats. By comparison, Mercer has a .269/.349/.338 line in 130 at-bats since officially being named the starter. That’s not to say that Barmes should take over as the starter again, but he’s clearly an upgrade over the previous veteran leaders the Pirates have had off the bench. As for Mercer, he slumped for a while after taking over as the starter, but has been great since the second week of July.

And For the Final Upgrade, Free Andrew Lambo

The Pirates had a McKenry situation happen when Travis Snider went down with a toe injury. Snider had a great month of April, but had a .192/.254/.291 line in 182 at-bats since then. The Pirates replaced him with Alex Presley, who is 5-for-20 with a triple since being called up.

In the minors, Andrew Lambo continues to hit home runs. He hit two more tonight, giving him 31 total on the season. He’s not a slam dunk call-up right now. Lately all he is doing is hitting homers. In his last ten games he has a .250/.244/.700 line in 40 at-bats, giving him one of those rare situations where his average is higher than his on-base percentage. Half of his ten hits have been homers. He also has three doubles. He has no walks, and nine strikeouts. That strikeout rate isn’t as bad as his rate in July — which was around 30% — but it’s not good when paired with a low average and no walks.

If you look at the entire time he’s been in Triple-A, you can look past this. Lambo has a .273/.333/.606 line in 198 at-bats. He’s not exactly tearing it up hitting for average or drawing walks, and he’s mostly just crushing the ball, but his numbers outside of the power numbers are good. You could chalk this recent stretch up to a slump where he’s still managing to hit homers.

Lambo would be an upgrade in Pittsburgh, whether they decided to call him up now, or wait a few weeks to see if he can draw some walks, raise the average, and/or cut down on the strikeouts. He adds something the Pirates don’t have a lot of: power. I think after 31 homers and 22 doubles this year, we can say the power is legit. He might not be a 30 homer a year guy in the majors. A conservative guess would put him closer to 20 homers a year. Even if he was only a 15 homer a year guy, that’s more power than the Pirates are getting from Tabata, Snider, or Presley, possibly combined.

It’s not like any of the right field/bench options have been tearing up the majors. Lambo can’t do worse than Snider, could probably match Presley’s output in the last week, and it wouldn’t be hard to match or improve on Jose Tabata’s season numbers. At the least the Pirates could call him up to add a power bat off the bench, while easing him into the majors and giving him a few starts in right field. They might want to wait until he starts taking walks again, or hitting for more than just homers. When they do call him up, he will upgrade the bench — whether that’s Lambo on the bench, or Lambo pushing Tabata down to the bench.

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Assuming Snider is on the DL past Sept. 1, the question becomes “who is the 25th man for the postseason?”. In order for that to be Lambo he would have to be called up before Sept.1 or after Sept. 1 and be an injury replacement.


The stats are awesome, but I wonder what scouts are saying.

He’s totally worth a try, but i feel like they wouldve called him up by now if they really believed in him.

Then again, they’ve never been in a position where they have been this good and didnt haaaave to do everything they could.

Who knows.


A lot of these improvements are essentially the law of averages at work. Harrison isn’t a 170 hitter so his improvements were predictable, but he could easily begin to struggle again. Same with Barmes, as he isn’t a 190 hitter either. The bench could easily be as bad as it was in about a week. Lambo deserves a shot, and I feel it wouldn’t be too hard for him perform as well as Presley has. But I still don’t have high expectations for Lambo, he’s gonna K a lot, and he probably wont hit for a high avg. Just keep hitting HRs and driving in runs and Lambo could be a key guy off the bench


I think where ppl aren’t looking is Lambo’s player development. It is not all about whether Lambo can replace right field and more if lambo is ready. The pirates are winning so not a complete rush to have someone


“The backup catcher isn’t going to provide a lot of value to begin with”

Could not disagree more with this statement. Martin must get more rest, every game going down the stretch is critical, the backup catcher they had kept Martin on the field when they wanted to give him a rest, the backup catcher they have now will allow Martin the rest he needs to stay on top of his game going down the stretch.

Jeremy J Stein

Haven’t the Pirates been talking about getting Martin more rest, as they like his production when he comes back from an off day.
Also I’m sure they are thinking about October and how to keep guys fresh.
Maybe that was Bob Walk or Greg Brown that said that though and it was just what they thought.


I think the time to see what Lambo can do is next season after a non tender or trade of Jones.

Nuke Laloosh

Lambo is a minor league version of Pedro Alvarez. See what he does in September.


This scenario reminds me of way back when, when the Eagles and Buddy Ryan released Cris Carter because “all he does is catch touchdowns”. The Vikings gladly snatched up him and watched him become a HOF’er. Bring up Lambo! All he does is hit homers!!


Snider is a negative career dwar and -0.6 this year. I would expect Lambo to be negative as well but it would be hard to be worse than snider both offensively and defensively

Lee Young

Actually, he COULD end up worse than Snider, because Travis provides defensive value.

That being said, I’d like to see him get two weeks of ABs. If he goes 7-48 with 15 K’s, it was still worth a shot.

I just hope he is not a AAAA player. Which is a real possibility.



How about 2-23 with 17K’s like our shortstop brian bixler a few years back


Lambo will be up in 3 weeks. We’re winning without him so we can wait a bit longer.


Tim, you are running too far with small sample size, Lambo’s K and walk rates have been stable all season at AA and AAA – 8% walk, 25% K. The use of arbitrary endpoints in this analysis is not very compelling. It is fairly clear that he will K too much in MLB, but we agree that his bench power is worth a shot.

Jeremy J Stein

Nah, don’t do that, just run really far until no one can see you.

Roger Huffman II

It is insanity that they are leaving Lambo in AAA when their big club’s RF spot is the worst in the league. Leaving him down there over a “walk rate” when they have guys like Marte, Presley, Tabata, Barmes, Alvarez, etc who barely walk is ludicrous . It’s August not May. Bring him up.


I would have thought that by this point we are able to admit that this front office has a pretty good idea about player development, no?


Steve Pearce hit 31 homers once. Once.

Jeremy J Stein

In single A and double A. Pearce never hit more than 13 at triple A in a single year.
Your point is taken though. Power doesn’t necessarily translate to the major league level. Still, we won’t know unless the Pirates give Lambo a shot. Though I trust NH and the front office, after all, the Pirates are winning.


Lambo will be up soon. You have my word.


How is it possible for OBP to be lower than BA?


I had to look this up because I didn’t know either. Looks like sac flies count against your OBP but not your BA


Lambo in AA had 19 walks, but 73 K’s. Having some power on the bench is a positive as we saw last night with that power hitter James Harrison with a walkoff HR. Right now, Tabata, Harrison, and Presley are 3 guys who have paid their dues with the Pirates the past few years, and they represent “experienced” bench and each can put the ball in play, lay down a bunt when needed or for a base hit, and play defense. Do we need more? Not in my opinion and not now; next week, maybe, but probably in Sep.


Rookie bench power rarely does much good. They will bring in a lefty to face him, they will throw curve balls and offspeed junk, he won’t see fastballs, and he will K. Bringing up to sit him on the bench serves no purpose


I think it’s simple, send Presley down for Lambo. Presley doesn’t walk either, he’s a marginal hitter, and his defense is not that much better than Tabata, who will probably get hurt soon enough anyways. I think you platoon Lambo and Harrison, and have Tabata as a bench bat/fourth OF.


There is no reason to send down Presley- Wait till Sept. 1 and call up Lambo then


Harrison purposely in RF makes as much sense as ordering a steak at Shoneys… You just don’t do it.



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