Gregory Polanco Promoted to Indianapolis

Gregory Polanco
Gregory Polanco has been promoted to Indianapolis.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have promoted top hitting prospect Gregory Polanco to Indianapolis, Cory Giger reports.

This move comes just in time for the Indianapolis playoff run. Polanco had a .263/.354/.407 line with six homers in 243 at-bats with Altoona. The numbers weren’t the best, but he heated up at the end. In his final 83 at-bats at the level, Polanco hit for a .277/.351/.482 line with three of his homers. He showed great plate patience throughout his time in Altoona, with a 36:36 K/BB ratio, giving him a 14.8% strikeout rate and a 12.6% walk rate.

Polanco will most likely start the 2014 season with Indianapolis. He will probably need at least three months to polish his game, as there are still some things he’s rusty on (base running, routes, and obviously his hitting isn’t where it needs to be yet, despite the great approach). If he takes off at the new level, he could be up sooner, but I don’t see him arriving in Pittsburgh until mid-June at the earliest.

UPDATE 9:24 p.m.: The Pirates confirm that Gregory Polanco is indeed on his way to Triple-A Indianapolis.

  • Bucc : If they can re-sign Byrd,that probably would be the best plan for Polanco. But ” IF ” is the operable word.I will tell you this,at bat,he was never over matched,and I saw almost every one of his ABs at home.

  • I also don’t see the reason to rush Polanco. Let him play 2014 in AAA, and be ready for a 2015 MLB debut. Sign Byrd to hold down RF until Polanco is ready.

  • This timeline seems awful fast. Don’t forget how long McCutchen was in the minors to be truly ready.

    • If Polanco comes up in the middle of 2014, he will be exactly the same age as Cutch was when he came up – and he will have one more year of minor league experience than Cutch did.

    • Somewhat agree with mj, he was not dominating are even close to it in AA. Im thinking that Alex Dickerson would had been a better choice.

      • You can say that,but I doubt if you have ever seen either of them play. Have you looked at Dickerson’s numbers for August ? He is down 30 points in BA in the last 3 weeks alone.