Jameson Taillon Getting Promoted to Triple-A

Cory Giger of the Altoona Mirror reports that Jameson Taillon will be moving up to Triple-A at the start of next week.

Jameson Taillon will be promoted to Indianapolis.
Jameson Taillon will be promoted to Indianapolis.

Taillon has a 3.67 ERA in 110.1 innings this year, with a 106:36 K/BB ratio. He was hammered a few starts ago for ten runs in 3.1 innings, which really inflated the ERA. Since that start he has combined for four earned runs in 12 innings, with a 13:2 K/BB ratio.

Taillon needs some work developing his changeup and consistently throwing down in the zone. He also has focused on mixing his pitches up this year. Earlier in the season Giger made a comment about how Taillon looked to be ahead of Gerrit Cole in that regard, comparing the two when they were with Altoona. James Santelli saw Taillon pitch back in June, and wrote about what he needs to work on this year.

This move will give Taillon a few starts in Triple-A, and most likely some playoff experience. That’s similar to the route he took last year with Bradenton, moving up to Altoona in early August. It’s also similar to Gerrit Cole getting moved up for his final start in Indianapolis, as well as a playoff start. I’d expect Taillon to start in Triple-A next year, and move up to the majors by mid-season, just like Cole did this year.

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amsterdam flood

Heard this news from a buddy 2 or 3 days ago, apparently someone tweeted congratulations to Jameson on going to aaa, only to delete the tweet shortly thereafter. I’ll bet Jameson defriended that news leaker

Lee Young

Well…this was MY statement….glad nobody picked on me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

” I still pine for Machado. I thought it was the wrong pick at the time and still do.
However, I also USED to think JT was going to be better than Cole.
No more, though.
I think JT will be β€˜okay’, but nothing more.
Luckily, right now, we can wait for JT to hopefully iron things out.”

I LOVE being wrong though about our players.



I still think Taillon is going to be better than Cole. That’s just my opinion. Since they are both Pirates I don’t care which one is better as long as they are both quality.

Jeremy J Stein

You’re statement or thoughts Lee aren’t unreasonable.
I would say sure, it’s possible JT won’t be better than Cole but I don’t see any reason why it’s not possible he could still be better than Cole because a lot can happen during a player’s career (like you know, improve on what he needs to improve on. Shocking, I know, for some people apparently).


There’s nothing wrong with pining for Machado. Right now he looks like the better player. But to think along the lines of, “we’ll Machado is already in the bigs, so Taillon should be to” or “Machado was called up straight from AA, so maybe that would work with Taillon”…. That’s ridiculous.

I do think you’re being a little tough on Taillon though. It’s probably just because we’ve been hearing about him for so long. I mean cole spent 3 years at UCLA and logged over 340 IP before the majority of pirates can heard anything about him, he came in with hype and made it to the bigs in just over a season.

Taillon has just now hit 345 IP. So in theory, he at the same development level right now, as Cole was when the Pirates first drafted him.. We’ve all just been waiting, and waiting for him to get here already, when literally he is on the exact same time frame that Cole was on, to make it to the bigs in his age 22 season.


Only an idiot would say that I hate Taillion, because I dared to point out the obvious – that he was not pitching very well – at least not at the level as someone with his reputation and talent. I guess if you dare state anything negative about a player you get accused by some moron that you hate the player.

All that being said, I am not convinced that this promotion is all that deserved, based on actual performance – but maybe he needs a bigger challenge to pitch his best. Manny Machado was batting under .270 at Bowie when he got recalled last year, and the rest is history.

Time will tell.

Jeremy J Stein

Here are some stats for you:
Taillon has given up more than 3 runs in 3 games. In the 17 starts where he gave up 3 or less runs his ERA is 2.38 in 98 innings with 96 strikeouts (8.8 K/9), 29 walks (2.7 BB/9) and 88 hits (8.0 H/9). Considering the defense that is playing behind him I’d really like to know what his BABIP is, I would guess that it is unusually high.
So yeah, out of 110 innings in double A, Taillon has done really well for 98 innings worth all the while playing in front of a poor/below average defense, working on a change-up and locating his fastball down low in the zone at the age of 21 in a league where the average age is somewhere between 24 and 25.
How exactly is it obvious that he is not pitching well even if you add the qualifier “at least not at the level as someone with his reputation and talent”.
Finally, who cares if you’re not convinced that his promotion is deserved? I’ll answer that, no one.


Good grief. There you go again with the blanket statements and nothing but your opinions and ridiculous expectations based on some perceived reputation to back them up. It’s “obvious. He’s not pitching well”.

He’s pitching fine. Last two starts 12 IP, with a 13:2 K:BB. I don’t even want to get back into this again. It’s part of the process. Just let him keep pitching and developing and he will be all set to join Cole next summer.

And what the does Machado have to do with Taillon, other than that they were drafted together ? Do you think pitchers and hitters are developed the same way? First you compare him to the Dylan Bundy train wreck, now his development path should be the same as a shortstops ?

Jeremy J Stein

First, I was joking. Don’t take this the wrong way: do yourself a favor and relax.
Second, do you have some kind of insight that no one else does? Why do you care so much and what makes you so sure? If you’re trying to convince someone that you’re right then you aren’t doing a very good job and honestly it just seems like you’re full of BS.


Next year’s rotation come June could very well look like this.F. Liriano, G. Cole, J. Locke, W. Rodriguez and J. Taillon. I love the looks of that! Then in 15 maybe Glasnow and Kingham join for Liriano and Wandy.


That’s pretty aggressive for Glasnow. This is still his age 19 season. That timeline would have him in Pittsburgh by 21.


July 14, 2013 at 5:42 pm
On top of all of that, he’s probably staring a promotion right in the face. He made 23 starts at WV before moving up, and 23 in Bradenton before he was moved. Give him another 2-3 starts to recover and he could be in Indy by the end of the month.

Even a blind squirrel…

Jeremy J Stein

Man, that BuccosFanStuckInMD guy really hates Jameson Taillon lol.


I don’t want to pile on him. The point was just that Taillon was just fine before that horrible start 3 weeks ago, he’s been fine in his two starts since, and now he’s in Indy where he should be, right on pace to be in Pittsburgh next summer.

I’m sure he’s even gonna hit a couple more bumps in AAA, but it won’t change anything about his ceiling or his prospect status. All Pirates fans should be excited about this because by next summer, the anticipation of this kid will have been four years in the making. I know I’m looking forward to him blowing fastballs by Braun and dropping 12-6 bangers on Brandon Philips. It’s gonna be fun with him and Cole at the top of the rotation for the next 6 years.


It’s kind of funny that guy was citing W/L and ERA, the two worst statistics to cite when trying to establish a pitchers value, as reasons for his criticism. I’d like to see how any pitcher did with Alex Dickerson and Matt Curry manning the outfield and Jarek Cunningham and Andrew Lambo in the infield.


I have that half full/half empty feeling again ! His last start was a very good one,and he threw a lot more changeups than he had earlier in the season. Barring injury, in ’15 and ’16 that Pirate rotation is going to be a real wonder !

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