Jamestown Sends Seven to NYPL All-Star Game

The New York-Penn League will hold it’s annual All-Star game on Monday, August 12th and the initial rosters for the National League squad has seven players from the Jamestown Jammers. The first year Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate currently has the best record in the entire NYPL, so it is no surprise that they make up 1/4th of the roster.

Harold Ramirez has been strong all season for Jamestown. (Photo Credit: David Hague)
Harold Ramirez has been strong all season for Jamestown. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

“That Jamestown club is very, very fun,” Pirates general manager Neal Huntington said. “That’s gonna be a fun [All-Star] roster… We’ve had some guys get off to great starts there.”

Harold Ramirez is the top prospect of the Pirates that will be heading to the game. He is currently sixth in the league with a .322 average and ninth with an .831 OPS. He leads the league with 56 hits and is tied for second with 30 runs scored. Ramirez ranks second in the league with his 19 stolen bases, trailing teammate Jeff Roy, who also made the team. At 18-years-old, he is the youngest player on the Jamestown roster, sharing the same birth date as fellow outfielder Elvis Escobar.

Shortstop Adam Frazier leads the NYPL with his .357 average and ranks sixth with an .853 OPS. He had a 14-game hitting streak this season. Frazier was the Pirates sixth round pick this year and didn’t sign right away due to the fact his team made it to the finals of the College World Series.

Catcher Jin-De Jhang is hitting .277 with 21 RBI’s in 32 games. He has been hitting over .300 most of the season, but his average has dipped a bit after going 0-for-8 over his last three games. Jhang has made excellent contact this year, striking out just nine times in 112 AB’s. The 20-year-old backstop was named to the GCL post-season All-Star team last year.

Third baseman Erich Weiss made the team despite playing only 22 games. He is hitting .351, with an .886 OPS after signing right before the deadline for draft picks. He was taken in the 11th round and received an overslot($305k) bonus.

Outfielder Jeff Roy is hitting .303 with 24 runs scored and a league leading twenty stolen bases. He was the 18th round pick of the Pirates this season.

Infielder Mike Fransoso has been consistent all season long for Jamestown, hitting .281 in 43 games. He has split his time between shortstop and third base.

Finally, relief pitcher Roberto Espinosa was the only pitcher selected. An odd pick due to his limited mound time, he has pitched nine times, totaling 11.2 innings. Espinosa also spent time in the GCL and even pitched once for Bradenton this season. He has given up just one run, while striking out 14 batters.

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Frazier’s numbers remind me of Brock Holt.


One big difference. Frazier can field.


When I check the Bucs’ minor league boxes, I almost always check the Jammers first. WV and Bradenton are going to be absolutely stacked next year; those two squads will be mostly made up of guys from the current Power, the Jammers, and probably Meadows and McGuire at least from the GCL.

Very nice to see Adam Frazier hit the ground running. Wouldn’t it be nice to see him develop into a quality #2 hitter in a couple of years?


I think Frazier, Weiss, and Cody Dickson are going to exceed initial expectations. I also Like JaCoby Jones a lot…too bad his season was cut short.


They have a heck of a team up there in Jamestown – a lot of players who are producing and contributing – not just depending on 1-2 guys.

Too bad no one in Jamestown knows about this team, judging by their attendance. I think they had 546 at today’s game…..just pathetic. Move that team to Morgantown or some other city that wants and will support the team.


If you think Jamestown doesn’t know about the Jammer’s, you’re kidding yourself. I’ve driven up five times this year from Erie to see the team play. Every night is a packed house, fans really getting into the game. Seats are practically on top of the field. Ballpark is 70 years old and has supported a minor league team its entire existence. That paid attendance you are citing is a fluke among a fan base that loves baseball and loves watching this team in particular play.

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