Pirates Call Up Stolmy Pimentel, Option Jared Hughes and Andrew Lambo

Stolmy Pimentel has been called up to the majors.
Stolmy Pimentel has been called up to the majors.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have called up Stolmy Pimentel, and have optioned right-hander Jared Hughes to Altoona. They also optioned Andrew Lambo to Altoona to make room for Justin Morneau.

Pimentel being added to the roster today means that he would be on the playoff roster, while Hughes and Lambo won’t be eligible. They could always join the Pirates as flex options, since the Pirates will have at least three spots that they can use for anyone in the organization. For more on that, read this article.

Pimentel will join the team as a reliever tonight, with Kris Johnson making the start tomorrow. Johnson is also in town, but hasn’t been called up yet.

By optioning Lambo and Hughes to Altoona, the Pirates can recall them on Tuesday after Altoona’s season ends, as opposed to sending them to Indianapolis and waiting ten days (or until Indianapolis is eliminated from the playoffs).

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Exactly. This is essentially Grillis spot.

Monsoon Harvard

I agree with having Hughes off the playoff roster. Grilli would probably be in his spot anyway for the playoffs.


What you’re missing is that Hughes can still be added to the playoff roster due to the flex options that Tim mentions. So can other guys.


So, explain the flex option rule to me?? Can they add a player on demand, or is it only if a player gets injured??

Again, if you wanted to add a starter for the playoffs why Pimentel?? Cumpton, Johnson, or Taillon would have made more sense.


1. Read the article on roster rules that Tim links above. It gives a very detailed explanation of the various rules, including the flex option. It does not apply only to injury situations.

2. As for Pimentel, it is very unlikely he will be on the playoff roster. Again, there is flexibility to add Locke or Johnson or others.


Dumb move IMHO…..why would you want an unproven starting pitcher eligible for the playoffs, instead of an experienced reliever?? What am I missing here?? If you were going to make such a move, I’d have brought up Cumpton, Johnson, or Taillon before Pimentel….

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