Pirates Have Been the Most Aggressive Team Claiming Players

Here is an interesting note from Danny Knobler of CBS Sports:

The reference to the Orioles follows the news that they won claims on Josh Willingham and Michael Morse. However, the note on the Pirates is the most relevant here. Obviously we know that the Pirates claimed Marlon Byrd and John Buck, since both players are currently Pirates. This bit of information makes you wonder who they claimed before those two, which is something we wouldn’t know since those players would have gone to other teams or would have been pulled back by now. It also makes you wonder if the Pirates are done pursuing players. We already heard a rumor that they’re still interested in Justin Morneau, even after adding Byrd and Buck. But they’ve got some time to wait and see if more options came available on the market.

Players would have had to be placed on waivers by today to be eligible for an August 31st trade. That gives them 48 hours to clear waivers or be claimed by a team, then gives the claiming team until 11:59 PM EST on August 31st to acquire that player and add him to the playoff roster. So we might see a few moves around the league in the next two days.

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Did anybody watch Black? He throws a dead straight fastball and has terrible mechanics. I was skeptical before his cup of coffee but had completely written him off after that.


Yea there is no way Welker and Miller are even close to being better prospects than Black. Miller has been starting with mediocre results in AA recently and he’s never had much success. Welker is having a decent year but is also a few years older and his stuff isn’t quite as good


The reason the Mets had the leverage was because Byrd’s salary was so low. They would only have to eat the $140,000 remaining on his salary. If they didn’t get at least one prospect, they weren’t dealing.


IMO Welker and Quenton Miller are much better prospects than Black.

Marco Rincones

Oops, there goes Welker!


You cannot be serious – Welker and Quenton Miller??? I’ve seen Miller pitch, he is very unimpressive. And, his stats during his time in the system have been mediocre to horrible.


Not crazy about trading away Black – I don’t think the Pirates gave him enough opportunity to pitch in Pittsburgh this year and I like him over Jared Hughes. I would have offered Hughes and/or Welker. Guys that throw 100mph with reasonable to good control do not grow on trees.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t a high ranked prospect….


Black has a chance to succeed, but the Pirates have numerous relief pitchers and have success with relief pitchers. As much as Black threw 100, pirates have about 6 or 7 other guys that can throw upper 90s in the system. Black also has a difficult delivery and struggles to repeat his delivery, which leads to poor control. I dont know his exact stats, but i wouldnt doubt if he is close to averaging a walk an inning


If you offered Hughes or Welker they would have probably would have hung up the phone or told NH to get serious. Black had just enugh success to be a good piece to add to a Lo A prospect like Herrerra.


“If you offered Hughes or Welker they would have probably would have hung up the phone or told NH to get serious.”

I agree. The Mets had a huge advantage going into this deal, and held all the cards. The didn’t have to deal Byrd, and they certainly didn’t have to deal him to a team desperate for a RF. They knew NH and the Pirates were desperate. NH even said this much around the Trade Deadline. That teams were reminding him of how long its been since they were last in the playoffs, and how poor their RF production had been.

The fact that the Mets got a fringey top 100 2B and a MLB ready, 100 MPH flame throwing reliever for 5 weeks of Byrd and Buck is ridiculous….


It’s not ridiculous, it’s just the price of doing business as a contender. Just the flip side of where the Bucs were a few years ago. Enjoy the ride.


“itโ€™s just the price of doing business ”

I almost used those exact words myself. I should have said the price of doing business is ridiculous.

I don’t think NH got raked over the coals or anything. He did what he could, considering he had no leverage.


Oh, I thought you were trashing NH more than the system. And I never believed the “Mets held all the leverage argument” until now. They were either going to let these guys walk for nothing after the season or get whatever they could now. But the way teams are claiming guys on waivers and thus they’re not falling to the Bucs, I think you’re right that the Bucs options were very limited.

Damn this great record!!!

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