They said he would never return. Who said that? Well... (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Clint Hurdle had only one hope left. He tossed aside the morning paper, headline splashed "PIRATES LOSE 13-0," and hopped into his pickup truck. He took the fast lane, following the signs for Indianapolis.

"Well, the man did say he wanted to get away from it all," he thought.

Clint's truck climbed up the dirt road, and he spotted the tall man chopping wood. He didn't want to have to ask him to pitch again, but desperate times...

"Jared!" Clint shouted. "We need you back! Vic Black can't pitch for the next two days!

"I know you said you would never come back, but will you give it one last go? For me?"

Jared dropped the axe, wiped the sweat off his brow. Then he smiled.

"Awesome!" he resp...

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