Pirates Officially Call up Andrew Lambo, Option Alex Presley

Andrew Lambo has been officially called up. (Photo Credit: David Hague)
Andrew Lambo has been officially called up. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

The Pittsburgh Pirates have officially called up Andrew Lambo, and have optioned Alex Presley to Triple-A. The Pirates had to add Lambo to the 40-man roster, although no corresponding move was needed since there was an open spot.

Moving Presley down made sense, as the Pirates can’t carry two bench outfielders with their current first base platoon. They also don’t need two bench outfielders since Garrett Jones and Josh Harrison can play outfield in a pinch. This also puts to rest the worries that Starling Marte was possibly going on the disabled list, which seemed off-base since Marte tweeted that his injury was minor.

For more on Lambo, check out my post from earlier: The Book on Andrew Lambo.

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Bob Martin

Lambo is in the line up and hitting 7th.

Jeremy J Stein

Tabata was in but is a late scratch with flu like symptoms


Now that Huntington brought Lambo up, it will be interesting to see if he ever gets in the lineup, don’t forget Hurdle is a vets manager, he does not like the kids and Lambo is still a kid, my money says Huntington will have to do more than just bring Lambo up.


Yea he’s not in today’s lineup… He better have arrived in St. Louis late or something… Maybe waiting for family to be able to make it to his first game, I don’t know… But as of now he has been brought up to sit on the bench… He at least better get a chance to pinch hit at some point tonight…

Jeremy J Stein

When it was first reported that Lambo was called up, my first thought was “oh, I hope that doesn’t mean Marte will go on the DL”. It probably was off-base because indications were that it was a minor injury. Although we’ve seen minor injuries turn into a little more than minor on a few occasions. Combine that with the timing of the call up while Marte has a minor injury probably added to the fear.
In hindsight, if I were to bet, I would have guessed that Marte was not going to go on the DL and Presley would be sent down.
In any case, I’m glad my fear was off-base and I’m looking forward to seeing Lambo play. Slightly off topic but I heard Andrew give an interview on the FAN a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help but notice how much he ummed. Just a heads up in case umming is normal for him heh.

Jeremy J Stein

Sorry, it’s not umms, it’s “you know”s. it’s actually impressive how he sneaks in a “you know” every second or third word. Real quick sometimes.


Now that it seems Marte is healthy, I am a lot more excited.


As for off-base concerns…Marte’s tweet was so short you had to take it as a sign that he had very limited use of his left hand, right?


Hopefully that means no DL for Marte.

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