Pirates to Call Up Andrew Lambo

Andrew Lambo has been freed. (Photo Credit: David Hague)
Andrew Lambo has been freed. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

The Pittsburgh Pirates will call up Andrew Lambo tomorrow, according to a Pirates press release. There was word on Twitter earlier today from what appeared to be a family member of Lambo’s that he was being called up. The corresponding roster moves have yet to be announced. The Pirates won’t need to make a 40-man move, since there is an open spot, although a 25-man move will obviously need to be made.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to give them the opportunity to find out if they’re ready,” Clint Hurdle said last Wednesday.

Lambo is in the middle of a great season, where he has hit for a .284/.350/.576 line in 436 at-bats, with 31 homers between Double-A and Triple-A. He got off to a hot start in Indianapolis, then cooled for a bit in July. Lately he has been heating back up, with a .297/.395/.649 line in 37 at-bats over his last ten games.

“Lambo, to his credit, he’s doing some things we felt he was going to be able to do a couple years ago when we made the trade,” Hurdle said. “He was starting to get some traction. He was put on the 40-man, brought to Spring Training. It didn’t work out. The second time out, it’s worked out much better. So his confidence is building.”

It’s hard to tell what kind of production or upgrade Lambo will bring to the Pirates as a rookie just making the jump to the majors. One thing that is for sure is that it would be hard for him to be worse than what Alex Presley, Jose Tabata, and Travis Snider have done this year. The Pirates have managed to be a first place team with that production in right field, so any added offense from Lambo would be a bonus to this team. He might not be a 31 homer a year guy in the majors, but even if he hits a modest 15-20 homers, that’s more than the pace of all three of the current right field options combined.

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I like move bringing The Great Lambino up now. Better to bring him up now while he’s heating up than waiting til September when he could be cooling off. His continued success could just jump start this Pirates offense, which is greatly welcomed after the poor series of pitching in Colorado.


I am happy for him. Seems like he has had his struggles in the past – on and off the field – but seems to have grown up and matured a lot this year. I would love to see him be successful and contribute down the stretch – it would be another great story!

Michael Jackson

I like all of our rightfielders, .i.e. Tabata, Presley and Snyder, and I don’t want to give up on them. But that said, Lambo has earned his turn.


Got to wonder how much of a shot Hurdle will give him?


Cool. Probably Presley goes back to Indy. Come on Lambo, make it happen.

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